I can call mathematical / statistical excel spreadsheet functions directly from access but date functions are not recognised

e.g. the CHI or Sinh functions gives the right answers:
MsgBox Excel.Application.ChiInv(0.05, 10)
MsgBox Excel.Application.Sinh(1)

Date functions such as Today or Networkdays work within Excel but gets runtime error 438 when called, as below, from Access {Object does not support this property or method}
MsgBox Excel.Application.NETWORKDAYS("11/11/2003", "23/11/2003")
MsgBox Excel.Application.TODAY()

Even the older style setup Excel.Application.WorkSheetfunction.NETWORKDAYS..........etc doesn't work!!!

The library references are ticked. So whats going on here???
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Try it like this:

  Dim xl As Object
  Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
  MsgBox xl.evaluate("today()")

For NETWORKDAYS make sure the Analysis addin is activated in Excel.
jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
date1, date2 are input date values

I get a #error in the target textbox when I use:

Dim xl As Object
Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Text6.Value = xl.Evaluate("NETWORKDAYS("date1, date2)")

or even when I try
Text6.Value = xl.Evaluate("NETWORKDAYS(" & date1 & "," & date2 & ")")

The Today() function works so maybe the problem is exposing the date variables (???!!)

jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
Important points,
Networkdays is an excel worksheet function. It is not visible in EXCEL VBA even when I use application.worksheetfunction.netw...  in excel vba. How can it be visible in access VBA

There must be an answer here
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jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
Just for your interest, I've constructed the excel networkdays function as a single line access function

GetNumberOfWorkDays=Abs(5 - (Abs(Weekday(sStartDate, 7) - 2) + (Weekday(sStartDate, 7) - 2)) / 2 + (DateDiff("ww", sStartDate, sEndDate, 7) - 1) * 5 + (Abs(Weekday(sEndDate, 7) - 2) + (Weekday(sEndDate, 7) - 2)) / 2)

The evaluate function still does not work.
jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
Evaluate does not work for addin functions. For anybody who may find this entry of interest, I have included a method to use the analysis toolpak addin in excel from access

Dim objExcel As Excel.Application
   Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

   ' Opens the Analysis ToolPak folder
   objExcel.Workbooks.Open (objExcel.Application.LibraryPath & "\Analysis\atpvbaen.xla")

   objExcel.Workbooks("atpvbaen.xla").RunAutoMacros (xlAutoOpen)

TOTAL_NETWORK.Value = objExcel.Application.Run("atpvbaen.xla!NETWORKDAYS", START_DATE.Value, END_DATE.Value)

   Set objExcel = Nothing

This function is inclusive of start and end dates. My previous function is exclusive of the start date. To make the Networkdays function exclusive of start date, simply add start date to the holiday list ie replace the fifth line with:
TOTAL_NETWORK.Value = objExcel.Application.Run("atpvbaen.xla!NETWORKDAYS", START_DATE.Value, END_DATE.Value,START_DATE.Value)
In this case it doesn't seem to need encapsulation in NameValue()

Heer,thank you for your time. I'm sorry I could not in honesty give you the points because you've been brilliant help over the months. I hope (optimistically) that I may have added a new item to your knowledge. I will ask the moderator to PAQ this question.
John, no problem.

It was getting late yesterday so I had no time to investigate this any further. However I did have a look at it today and came to an almost identical solution which I will post for reference:

'--------- Start code

Sub testNetworkdays()
  Dim xl As Object
  Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

  intRet = fAddInLoaded("Analysis ToolPak - VBA", xl)

  MsgBox xl.Run("Networkdays", DateSerial(2003, 11, 10), DateSerial(2003, 10, 8))
End Sub

Function fAddInLoaded(strAddInTitle As String, xl As Object) As Integer
   ' Finds if an add-in is loaded and attempts to
   ' load it if it is not. Returns zero if the
   ' add-in is loaded, 1 if the function had to
   ' load the add-in, -1 if the add-in could
   ' not be located and -2 if an error occurred.

Dim adnAddIn As AddIn

On Error GoTo fAddInLoadedError

' Search through add-ins collection for
' our add-in...
For Each adnAddIn In xl.AddIns
    If adnAddIn.Title = strAddInTitle Then
        ' Found it! Is it installed?
        ' Return success value
        fAddInLoaded = 0
        If Not adnAddIn.Installed Then
            ' If it's not installed then
            ' install it...
            AddIns(strAddInTitle).Installed = True
            ' Return value indicating that we
            ' had to load the add-in
            fAddInLoaded = 1
        End If
        ' Get out now rather continuing
        ' to loop unnecessarily
        Exit Function
    End If
' Add-In was not in the add-ins collection...
fAddInLoaded = -1
Exit Function
' unknown error occurred
fAddInLoaded = -2
End Function
jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
There's an excellent site on Analysis ToolPak Functions in VBA with that code etc.

I thought it only fair to give you 100 points. Jump to:

LOL that is exactly the site where I found the missing information.
jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
I know :)
You must be a Google fan too!
Yep, and a knowledge freak :) main reason for me to post on this forum is to increase my knowledge, your question has added some.
jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
Add to your knowledge? This site TAUGHT me Access VBA! I hope you've copied the one-line function I constructed to do the same thing. I'm quite proud of it. There's a kind of purity in such challenges.
PAQed, with points refunded (250)

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