Error with trying to access db via a browser

Hi Guys

I need to get the Web enabled version of an application running on my test server. It has been a few yesrs since I played with this stuff.

I am getting an error:

The requested document (URL http://developer1/TestPPM.nsf/PPM+Menu?OpenPage) could not be accessed.
The remote server either is not accessible or is refusing to serve the document.

Once I get this solved to my recollection all I need to do is send out the url ??

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Hi srg1110,

Yes, you can just send out the URL.  Actually, you shoudl probably send just http://developer1/TestPPM.nsf and set the Web Launch properties to open that page.  If the app requires authentication, keep that in mind as well (do all users have passwords, do they know what they are, etc.)

Let's try to solve the page opening issue.  First, I want to see if the server is generally OK with that database.  Please try http://developer1/TestPPM.nsf/$Icon

Best regards,
adspmoAuthor Commented:

I get Cannot Find Server page

Even on icon?  Then either:

1) It isn't a Domino web server
2) Domino is on a different port or address
3) You have the database address wrong
4) The database is SERIOUSLY corrupt

Can you access other databases on the server via a web browser?
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adspmoAuthor Commented:

I have http enabled, I believe it is on port 80, the address is correct as I pulled right from the error message above.

I cannot get this to work with any applications

To start with just type the url of the server and see if the domino server (http) responds

In your case


It should give you default home page setup in Domino Directory, if not then your http task is not running or listenting different port. Check this in Domino Directory servers document and web section.

adspmoAuthor Commented:
I have checked this and it is Port 80 and it is enabled

In Administrator I can see HTTP Web Server Listening on Port 80

Is there a DNS entry for developper1? Try to PING it....
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Unknown Host error
Check to make sure IIS or another HTT daemon isn't already hogging the port

At the console, do SHOW TASKS
See if HTTP is present

You should also look in log.nsf, misc events, at server startup.  It should show the HTTP task trying to start up, and suceeding.  If something else is on port 80, it will complain.  Check teh server doc (R5) to see if it is enabled for non-SSL, and on port 80.
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Change your url from




It's most likely merely a dns / host resolving issue.



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adspmoAuthor Commented:
I agree that it is a DNS/host resolving issue

If I put in the IP address it laucnches the default notes Web page

What I want to know is how to resolve the host issue

It has been a while since I have done admin
You can change the hosts file in your system.. this is not recommended but a quick check to see if that is the problem

Also, check if there are any SSL authentication enabled on server. Same for DB if there is any SSL authentication enabled in db properties.

Most of the time network server name and domino server name will match so that there is no problem in getting to domino server via http.

Virtual server supports different ports/ip and that is another way to approach where the network name doesnot match up with domino server name

For details on where you are going wrong, check this troubleshooting article

Try ping -a server-ip-address

If, before it starts the 4 pings, it reports a network name, then that is what you can use.  Otherwise, you wil either have to get a name (or another, better name) registered with your zone servers, or you will have to continue to use IP address.
on ur server console:
Load http

and with try this :


check the Fully qualified Internet host name in ur server document.

above should provide some help.

And try to create a new web database and access it through internet.
and check whether u have enabled web aceess: Require SSL.... in database properties basic tab.

If it is enabled, try to disable it and test.
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