SELECT Distinct and memo field in access with coldfusion

i have the following query

SELECT DISTINCT news.headline, news.message, news.news_date, news.fk_id, news.news_id
FROM news LEFT JOIN comment_news ON news.news_id = comment_news.fk_news_id
where (news.news_date BETWEEN {ts '2003-11-25 11:05:44'} AND {ts '2003-11-20 11:05:44'})
OR (comment_news.news_date BETWEEN {ts '2003-11-25 11:05:44'} AND  {ts '2003-11-20 11:05:44'})
order by news.news_date DESC

i am using M$ Access and coldfusion server 5
the message column in the news table is a memo field
with the distinct clause in there the memo field gets chopped off i am guessing at 255 chars
without distinct in there it works fine but i really need to display the results of the query with the distinct keyword
so if anyone knows of a way to restructure my query or a fix that would be great
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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
its part of access you cannot group on a memo field and the distinct cuts it off at 255 (max length of string in access), what exactly are you trying to get out of the database that requires a distinct memo field, all news items should be distinct to begin with or are you trying to get the one news item and all related comments?
jduawaAuthor Commented:
one news and all related comments
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
<cfquery name="getNews">
SELECT news.headline, news.message, news.news_date, news.fk_id, news.news_id

<cfloop query="getNews">
<cfquery name="getComments">
WHERE NEWS_ID=<cfqueryparam value="#getNews.news_id#"
      <td colspan="2">
<cfloop query="getComments">
      <td colspan="2">#getComments.comment#</td>
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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
you will need to filter/order your queries to meet your needs and change ths comment variables to what you select from the database but the above will work for any number of news stories (1-n) with any number of associated comments(0-n)

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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
did you try it out?

is it working ok?

and thanks for the points!
jduawaAuthor Commented:
i will try it out, not sure it is exactly what i am looking for but it may work with some tweeking
the way the page is currently is that it shows the news frm the last 5 days by default then at the bottom of the news it shows how many comments are associated with that news message
when the user click on the view comments link then it goes to another page displaying the comments
if the news is older than 5 days but the comments are within the 5 day range then the message appears.

thanks for the effort
i may just move the DB to mySQL
access is crap anyway
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
>>access is crap anyway

limited multi user, high overhead, only really good for local stuff

>>i may just move the DB to mySQL
good idea, not all sql is fully supported but handles things better than acces in a multi user environment

>>not sure it is exactly what i am looking for
it will work, just adjust teh queries to filter based on dates/newsids/ etc as yuo had in your sample code

i use similar coding in several pages, returning hundreds of records in the main query never had a problem
jduawaAuthor Commented:
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