Login Loop - Windows 2000 Professional upgrade

I just performed an upgrade on a Dell Inspiron 7000 from 98 to 2K.  The installation process completed but now the login prompt keeps appearing over and over in an endless loop.  How do I fix it without wiping the disk?
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repair windows 2000 installation. pop the w2k cd into the cd tray and restart the machine.. boot from CD.. when it asks you to select options, select repair windows.
RichardBraxtonAuthor Commented:
Repair - Fast (locate) did not work
take a look at this link


just a note that i searched for similar problems but most of the time, a fresh reinstallation fixed the problem. check that link out and see if you find anything useful there.
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Try booting up to the Win2K CD and choosing repair. Then choose the Recovery Console option. You should be prompted to choose which install you want to access. Unless you have dual booted, type the number 1 and press enter. Then type in the Administrator's password and press enter. If it lets you in, great you may be able to fix this. Try running help and see what options you have.

This sounds very similar to what happens if you create a user that has no authourity. I have had this happen in the past. The system will loop until you log in with a user that has the authority to access the desk top. In your case the authority to view the drive may not have transfered. I know that win2k stores a key on ntfs drives for better file security.

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RichardBraxtonAuthor Commented:
Ok, Vinnnnie, what do I do at the prompt?
type help and what are your options. Repair should be one of them. I am going to boot using that so any questions i'll be right back.
RichardBraxtonAuthor Commented:
ok, I have many commands available - repair is not one of them - is there one for setting the permissions?
No.  If you are at the console right now, run fixboot and fixmbr. See if you can get into 2000. If not, When you booted the CD and pressed R, did you get 2 options? Try running the 2nd option first (I forget what it says) the first option says to run recovery console and the second says something about repairing a Windows 2000 installation. Try the repair the Windows 2000 Option. Let me know how it goes.
RichardBraxtonAuthor Commented:
ok, the boot process is fine - I have tried repairing all the ways possible - install/repair - repair/locate - repair/manual
It loggs in and then back out immediately - is there a way to determine the user names?  perhaps one has correct permissions?
One that should have correct permissions is the Administrator account. Also, make sure you are not trying to login to the domain click Options so it's hidden and see if you can log in as administrator. Can you get to safe mode and login there?
RichardBraxtonAuthor Commented:
Safe mode does the same - there is no domain - I am entering Administrator and the password correctly - keeps on logging back out immediately...

To tell you honestly, whatever you are trying is not going to help because the SAM file that has the user name and pw gets processed only after windows starts loading. If there was a problem with that, it would have never logged in the first place. Since it logs in and backs out immediately it is not the user name and pw issue. further when you were in the recovery console, your admin pw did work..so it is not that.. it is something else that is screwed up. to be honest, you are wasting your time with this process. i can guarantee that this process will not get you anywhere..

Reinstall Windows !!!
RichardBraxtonAuthor Commented:
Whoo!  There is a fix and it is somewhere between a fix and a reinstall - I did not loose the programs that were installed prior to the conversion so it was not a fresh install - and it was not just a fix - you can boot from the CD and select a new install from the menu then select the same dirrectory as the original - so it is both an install and a repair!
Thank you very much. :-)
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Windows 2000

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