Exchange5.5---Exchange 2000 upgrade issue?

Not sure if I have a problem or not, but want to be sure before I proceed.

The Setup:
Native mode w2k, single domain, 3 sites.

Site 1 is main office....DC1 and DC2
DC1 is also Exchange 5.5 server.
DC2 is the GC server for this site.

Site 2 is remote office with reasonably high speed VPN connection
DC3---global catalog server

Site 3 is remote office with reasonably high speed VPN connection
DC4---global catalog server

The plan is to set up a new Exchange 2000 server on a new box ("PostOffice") in site one and migrate mailboxes to it, then when all users have logged in again and established their connection to PostOffice, to remove the Exchange 5.5 server.

So far, I have:
--made sure that all 5.5 mailboxes are associated with a unique W2k user dupes
--Installed the Active Directory Connector on DC2
--Configured a two way recipient connection agreement
--run exchange 2000 setup.exe /forestprep on the Postoffice box
--run exchange 2000 setup.exe /domainprep on the Postoffice box.

I have not yet installed exchange 2000 server, itself on the Post Office box.

The questions:
1)On all 4 DCs, in AD Users & Computers, I can see that the "Exchange Domain Server" and "Exchange Services" have replicated and are present.  How ever, when I look at the properties of any user, I see the addition of the "Exchange General", "Exchange Properties" and the "Email Adresses" tabs on DC2  (the GC server with the AD connector)  but *not* on the other three DCs...........the user properties there do not show the exchange 2000 tabs.
Do I have a problem at this point, or is this normal?  If it's a problem, what is the cure?

2)Similarly, in AD Sites and Services, under the "Services" node, all 4 DCs show a "Microsoft Exchange" sub-node, with three sub-nodes under that:  "Active Directory Connections", our exchange organization and "Public Folders"
Also, under the "sites" section, both DC1 and DC2, in site 1, show an "exchange" folder under the the same level as the"NTDS Settings".......on DC1, that folder is empty, on DC2, it shows the AD connector.........on DC3, in site 2 and on DC4, in site 3, there is no "exchange" folder showing under the server node........
Should there be? am I having replication problems?  Anything else?

I may just be being overly cautioous here, but I'd like to be confident that I have a working setup, before I actually install Exchange 2000 on "PostOffice"

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1. On the other DC run the E2k setup and install just the System Manager this will allow this other tabs to appear.
2. No worries that is how it should look

Sounds like you are ready to continue with your install

Before I start any Exchange 2000 install I run DCdiag and Netdiag on the machine I am able to run the install on. This will verify the DNS settings, FSMO holders, and general connectivity issue that E2k will ignore and cause issues down the line. E23k runs setup runs these test in the background. If you find and failures or warnings research them first to verify they wont cause more problems down the line.

Good luck
JConchieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the was better than the advice!  :-)
Of course , when I tried to follow your instructions to install the system manager on the other DC.........which is the one running exchange would not install just the wanted to upgrade 5.5 to 2000.........and in the meantime, it shut down all the exchange 5.5 services, and all my users were howling like rabid coyotes about the loss of email.

I'd feel a little more confident in your advice, if you put some detail about your training and experience, especially in Exchange, in your least until you have earned a pile of points in the TA........."I rock" doesn't do full justice to your skills........I hope.     :-)
One step forward, two steps back.............
Jchonie if u are concerned about the SIZE and QUALITY of my knowledge on this matter u can check it out(I am NT4 and 2000 mcse and also a ccna).
To answer ur first question u must see alll those properties in each user.
It is most likely it has not been replicated to all sites.U can force the replication in ur active directory sites and services.

I will go no further untill i get assurance from u that my knowledge is up to ur standard.
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ahgates i did not mean to hijack this post(as OneHump would call it).I would like to say u are most welcomed to  this site and it is not a requirement to post anything in ur profile(i did not post anything either).I saw two of ur comments and i can say with confident that u can handle urself in matters concerning exchange.Good luck.
JConchieAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry if I have insulted you........though it seems to me that is a little hard to do, since I have said nothing to you prior to this post..........but in reference to ahgates post, I got some advice that didn't work and which, after the fact, seems fairly obvious that it wouldn't.........from someone with no points at all, and who put no qualifications in their'll forgive me if I feel sceptical about the nature of the advice at that point.

In any case, to the issue I am asking about.........It seems to me that you are right, that replication is the issue.....I have forced replication to DC1 (the one with Exchange 5.5 on it) from DC2 (the one with the Active directory connector.....and the exchange tabs showing in the user properties)..........several times, with no effect..............DC3 and DC4 are in seperate sites, so I cannot force replication.....but both connectors are scheduled to replicate every 15 minutes on a 24 hour basis........also with no effect on getting the exchange tabs to show up in the user properties in AD U&C on those machines..
Any ideas about what is going on?  From what I read, I shouldn't need to run the forestprep and domainprep switches on each DC, but would that help?
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
No need to run on all servers. Use ADSIedit to connect each individual DC, and then open the Configuration Container. Drill down to Services, and see if there's a Microsoft Exchange object under it, that's what gets created with forestprep. Teh Exchange tabs really don't show everything until the ESM is installed. that's my guess as to why you could see Exchange tabs on the server where Exchange is installed, but not the others. Am I missing anything?


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JConchieAuthor Commented:
Just to make sure I'm understanding you....when you say "open the configuration container. Drill down to Services"......are you refering to the Services node in AD Sites and Services?  If so, under services in all DCs, I have:
 a "Microsoft Exchange" sub-node, with three sub-nodes under that:  "Active Directory Connections", our exchange organization and "Public Folders"
Is that what you talking about?

I don't yet have Exchange 2000 or the ESM installed anywhere......what I do have is the Active Directory Connector installed on DC2 (the GC server in my main office site).....which is where I'm seeing the three exchange tabs in User properties in AD Users and computers.

Don't know if it is relevant, but all 4 DCs, including the one that shows the exchange tabs have a varying number of entries in the Directory Service log of event viewer.  In each,
the class identifier number, the class name and the superclass number vary, but the rest is the same.

"NTDS General
Internal Processing
Event ID 1153

Class identifier 196632 (class name rFC1006Stack) has an invalid superclass 196626.  Inheritance ignored."
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
No I said ADSIedit, not Sites and Services. but nevermind since you don't have exchange 2k installed.

So what is it you're trying to see? If the ADC is installed properly? If so, can I ask where it was installed from, and what version is the adc.exe?

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