Package & Deployment - deploying to CDs

I have done all the steps in packaging my software. When i deploy to local network, it's fine. But i would like to deploy to CDs. When i choose the cd drive to deploy to, it gives me an error: drive not available. I put a Cd and it still won't let me deploy to a disk. Deploying to floppy works fine as well, but it requires me to have 6 floppies - compared to maybe a couple CDs.

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You need to create the installation on your Hard Disk,then burn it to CD.

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Have you tried Windows XP its got built in support for allowing files copied to blank CD to then later be written to CD.  Havent tried it ffrom within deployment but should still work the same way.

Six floppies = two CD's - must be those itty bitty CD's hehe
"Deploying to floppy works fine as well, but it requires me to have 6 floppies - compared to maybe a couple CDs"  if the app requires ONLY 6 floppyes, then you will have enough room on ONE CD to hold roughly 80 copies of your installation files.  A single CD holds about 500 times as much as a single floppy!!

But as was indicated, you cannot simply 'write' to the CD the way yo can writeto a floppy.  So make the Installation project on your hard drive, then use the CD writer software that came with your CD Drive (or perhaps you have a copy of ROXIO's EZ-CD or CD-Creator software, to then burn the disk file onto the CD.

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You could try creating a deployment folder on your harddisk first and then coping it onto the CD.

Step 1
Create a Setup Installation on your hard disk.

Step 2
Copy this folder onto your CD using some CD Burning Software. Aah yes - To deploy on CD you require a CD Writer.

gajendra, is that not EXACTLY what I have already stated?

Please do not simply repeat another, already propsed answer.  It is considered to be VERY RUDE.

joyful88Author Commented:
thanks so much ... now it does make a little sense ...
Sorry Arthur_Wood

Did not mean to offend anyone.

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