Windows 2000 Server Network Shares limited with Win 2000 Pro Clients

I just ran into a problem in one of my clients network, let me give you some background:

Network is using a Win 2000 Server only as a file server (running active directory), all the clients have always been Win98 Machines. My client runs an administrative application programed in FoxPro with is availalable in a network share in the server so the clients can connect to it. The only thing that is needed to run the foxpro aplication in the clients is the visual foxpro runtime library.

This foxpro aplication is the one giving me problems, but only in win2k. let me explain.

I just upgraded one of the client machines to Windows 2000 Pro in order to restrict the user ability to install/remove programs, after getting the computer ready, I installed the foxpro runtime libraries, mapped the Admin App. network share to drive S:, then created the usual shotcut to the aplication's executable, I ran the aplication and it seemed to run fine. Today i got called in because they're experiencing problems with the foxpro aplication in the win2000 machine.

The program opens and seems to be functional, I mean, some of the forms and queries work, but when we click on ONE of the options (one that shows a calendar) I get an error saying "Ole 0x8002802b: Element not found".

I suspected it was maybe incompatibility with win2000, since all the computers running win98 run the app just fine. So I went right to the Win2k Server, intalled the Foxpro Runtimes and ran the app. from it, everything ran fine.

Now I'm puzzled, when the app is ran from win98 computers everything runs fine, when ran from win2000 I get the error. I went to the server and checked the "share" and it's "security", I set BOTH sharing and security to "everyone" with "FULL CONTROL", the problem persists =(

 It seems to be that the network access to the share that the Win2000 Machine is getting is not "completely" "FULL CONTROL". I'm desperate. what can I do? why does this problem appear only in Win2k machines?

Thanks in Advance

-Andres Tinoco
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
it sounds the foxpro application is not windows 2000 compatible. you know, windows 98 and windows 2000 have some differences on system API, althought commonly we call them same name WIN32.

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atinocoAuthor Commented:
I don't think that's the problem. Remember I ran that foxpro application locally in the Windows 2000 Server with no problems.

That's why I suspect it's related to the network access.

-Andres Tinoco

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
i would suppose it is a MDAC releated problem, caused by incompatible or lower version issue.

you may check the MDAC versions on the problemic windows 2000 and those well-performanced windows 2000 server and windows 98 clients, here are three methods on how to determine which version of MDAC is installed:

1. Run regedit and search for the following key:


2. Another option is to find msado15.dll (in %SYSTEM32%\DLLCache\) and check its properties. This should show the same results as the ones from the registry.

3. Also there is a tool available from Microsoft called Component Checker. It can be downloaded from

of course, to upgrade the MDAC version will fix your problem

hope it helps,

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atinocoAuthor Commented:
Will try this in the afternoon when I go to work on my client. I just noticed I didn't apply any Service packs to that Windows Machine.

Any other ideas?

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
since windows 2000 SPs also fixed MDAC bugs, so i think it is possible that the latest SP may fix your problem. good luck, bbao
To test your theory that it is a network access problem, you need to try two more tests:
- map the S: drive when you are on the server. Then run the application using the same shortcut as the clients use.
- copy the whole folder to the C: drive of the workstation, and run it locally (as you did on the server)

My guess is that the first test will work, but the second will not: this eliminates the network as the problem. Your SPs may fix the problem, but the best test would be to do a clean install of 2000 on a PC and see.

I have never liked upgrading from W9x, I always spend longer fixing these obscure little problems :-( Much quicker to copy off the data, format and install.
atinocoAuthor Commented:
Will try that Roly, Will  apply all the Win2000 patches later on today had a little problem with the inet access that I will solve today.

Also what I meant with Upgrade it that I changed w98 for Win. 2000. A clean install was done with no problems.

Will keeep you guys posted.

-Andres Tinoco
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
hi, how it goes?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
atinoco, any feedback please?
atinocoAuthor Commented:
I tried updating the MDAC but never got the issue solved. Since I needed the computer operational i went back to win98
hi everybody.... i face one problem with Windows 2000 Professional. let me explain...
i use Win2k pro to control the desktop icon to my 10 PC clients. my client is using windows XP home edition. when i setup the exe file to my client pc , that will redirect to the Window2k pro PC(my server PC). then i put the exe file at startup and i restart the PC. After restart, my exe file cannot connect the server's file(dekstop icon). but if i log off and log in again then can connect oledi...

so my problem is why after i restart the client PC, my client PC cannot connect to the server, but log off and log in then no problem.... ?? thx for help....

Sorry. But your accepted answer is wrong. The correct answer is your ActiveX calander control (mscal.ocx) is missing or not in the correct location. Windows 98 and 2000 store the file in different places. When FoxPro tries to display the form containing the ActiveX calander control is can not find it and is display the OLE error. Follow this link to correct the error: 
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