Sharing between Windows 2000 and Windows 98

I have a cross OS issue and I know it's just an experience issue for me so I am going to ask here.

One machine is Windows 2000 and the other is Windows 98 both on the same domain. When I enable share permissions on the 2000 box and add the everyone group I can successfully connect from the 98 box to the 2000 box.

When I change the everyone group to any specific user I cannot access the machine, I receive an access denied message althoug I cann successfully map it. How do I solve the problem of connecting from Windows 98 to the Windows 2000 share and still retain a mild level of security?

Please be extremely detailed in your answer please!
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You should create a local user on the win2k box with the same credentials as you're using at the win98 machine.

Robert_ITAuthor Commented:
I will try that tomorrow at but is that the only solution and the best for security?
Robert_ITAuthor Commented:
Can't this be done with a net use command instead of modifying the local user account on the Win2k box? If so please give me an example of the syntax.

The computers name is THE-EDGE and I wanted to map to the admin share on G$. Also wanted it to be a persistant connection that will be there if the user reboots.

Could you give me an example of the syntax if this idea would work, I tried it earlier today without success but I have a hard time understanding the syntax... What I tried is below..... Thanks!

net use h: \\computername\sharename password-here /user:domain-here\username-here    I thought this was correct but it didn't work and I matched the user account on the Win2k box. Will this command work from 98 to Win2k?
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You are using the "client for M$ networks" as the primary logon for the 98 box?
You have to do this to create the access token that the w2k box checks to allow access to it's resources
net use command

leave the domain part out, since you are on the same domain
net use\\compname\sharename password\username
You are on a domain, and not a workgroup?
Robert_ITAuthor Commented:
Yes it's on a domain and not a workgroup
Robert_ITAuthor Commented:
I will take a close look at the options tomorrow and award the points to the one who's the most accurate... I assume the authentication is plain vanilla text when it's going across the wire with the net use command.
If they are both on the same domain, and you are usign the client for M$ networks as the logon for the 98 box, then the DC should check to see if you are allowed access to the shares. you shouldn't have to add a local user to the w2k box. YOu do however need to have the user on the 98 box have a domain account, and the share permissions/ntfs permissions have to be setup correctly
have you added the w98 user to a group, and added that group t the share, and given that group permissions to the share?. Remember though that NO ACCESS overrides all permissions

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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
glad to help
Robert_ITAuthor Commented:
I decided to split points between the answers based on the fact I had to solve the issue fast for the client and didn't have time to verify the other methods.

Least I learned some good practical lessons which like admins shares can only be access by administrators across the wire.  StevenLewis was also more correct from a purely technical aspect and I want to say thank you for the answer to my question.
Glad we could help
I've done this by making a share on the W98 machine, then giving rights to anyone for its usage, then used W2K to upload/download files from there...
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