Printing a Report using Bytes

Hi All,
I am having a problem and i need to print a report using PERL. Now problem is this that every data which i am printing in that must have specified byte.

Say - I am having A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H and Icolumn which need to to be printed in a flat file and it is having following requirements -

Column Name     Length     Position     Type
A                         1             1               Char
B                         11            2              Integer  
C                         10            13            Char
D                         8              23             Char
E                         1               31            Char
F                         150          32             Varchar
G                        8              182            Date
H                        40             190           Varchar
I                         8              230              Date

Now every record length must be 238 bytes.
I am not having idea how can we do this. Can somebody help me in this ? We have to print this report in a while loop and every line of record must have 238 bytes.

Thanks in advance.....

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See the following documentation:

perldoc -f write
perldoc -f format
man perlform

Just about any book on Perl will have a chapter on formats.

You will want something like this...

format REPORT =
@@<<<<<<<<<<@<<<<<<<<<@<<<<<<<@@(149 <'s)@<<<<<<<@(40 <'s)@<<<<<<<
$A, $B, $C, $D, $E, $F, $G, $H, $I

open (REPORT, ">output.file");

while (yadda yadda yadda) {
    # Set $A - $I
    write REPORT;

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you could also use pack for this:

$record = pack "A1 A11 A10 A8 A1 A150 A8 A40 A8 " , @your_fields;

Note that you can also put the numbers in [ ] when using perl 5.8, which is a bit more readable:

$record = pack "A[1] A[11] A[10] A[8] A[1] A[150] A[8] A[40] A[8] ", @your_fields;

The A means that it's a string, padded with spaces if necessary.

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