Problems with a Preloader and Flash Component Combo Box

I've created a Flash file that uses the Combo Box component. Now my problem arises when I try to add a preloader to the file. What happens is that the dynamic text does not show up untill the file has almost loaded completely (around 70kb of a 98kb file). I'm not sure what is happening but the preloader is useless if it only displays a blank screen for most of the load.
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negatyveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
• open the library
• open the "Flash UI Components" folder
• for(all components in the folder)
            • select the component
            • click on it with the right mouse button
            • choose "linkage" from the context menu
            • DEselect the "Export in first frame" checkbox
• enjoy
for(all components in the folder) [only in that folder - that means, the main component symbol]
F_schnellAuthor Commented:
Thanks it helped, but is there a way to force the preloader to go before everything else? it still loads some things in frame 0 first.
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>but is there a way to force the preloader to go before everything else? it still loads some things in frame 0 first.

No, there's not. Before *seeing* the preloader, you have to load the base swf assets, the preloader assets (textfield, progressbar, font outlines), the preloader script, and all the components assets that the movie *must* load before anything else (that's why I told you to remove the "Export in first frame" only from the main components symbols - inside the library there are a few smaller components with no graphic but lot of scripts that have to be instantiated before anything else in the virtual main timeline frame 0 to make the component framework play)
F_schnellAuthor Commented:
Ok I understand now. Thanks again for the help.
You're welcome!

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