Child Windows Freeze on large SQL query

Posted on 2003-11-25
Last Modified: 2013-11-20
I have a C++ MDI  application using MFC with SQLServer. The sql query is complex and takes approximately 20 sec to complete. This freezes the application and the user can't do any thing in the other child windows. I would like to know what should be done to allow the user to continue on the other Child windows while the sql query retrieves its information.

A snip of my code:

CDatabase m_db;

      m_db.OpenEx("DSN=MYsql;Description=test;APP=Microsoft\x00ae Visual Studio .NET;WSID=TEST;DATABASE=myDB;Trusted_Connection=Yes");

class CMyRecView : public CRecordView

void CMyRecView::OnBnClickedRequest()

      CDynamicBulkSet rs(&m_db);
      rs.Open(CRecordset::snapshot, "SELECT * FROM tblLeaders", CRecordset::readOnly | CRecordset::useMultiRowFetch);


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Question by:DBOTMA
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Expert Comment

by:Roshan Davis
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I think the problem is not in the query, the function FillGrid will take much amount of time for a bulk data, so the messages will block add this snippet in that function (in the loop of that function)

void CYourClass::FillGrid(CRecordset& rs)
      MSG msg;

      (******* LOOP *******)

            while ( ::PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, NULL, NULL, PM_REMOVE) )



Good LUck
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Accepted Solution

itsmeandnobodyelse earned 125 total points
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The problem is, that you call the lengthy job when the BUTTON_CLICKED message is processed.
So, no other messages could be processed as long as are in CMyRecView::OnBnClickedRequest()

Rosh showed you how to process messages within your handler function, thus avoiding the problem.

Another way is to handle only a small portion of your result set within one message handling.
You would setup a timer, that is called say all 10 ms and that will fill say 10 records to your grid.
This would look like this:

void CMyRecView::OnBnClickedRequest()
     // You need the CDynamicBulkSet as member
     // CDynamicBulkSet rs(&m_db);

     if (m_pRs != NULL)
         // do not handle button clicks while an old result set exists
     m_pRs = new CDynamicBulkSet (&m_db);
     m_pRs->Open(CRecordset::snapshot, "SELECT * FROM tblLeaders", CRecordset::readOnly | CRecordset::useMultiRowFetch);

     // setup the timer
     m_timerID  = SetTimer(123, 10);

     // FillGrid(&rs);
     // rs.Close();

void CMyRecView::OnTimer(UINT eventId)
      for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
            if (m_pRs->IsEOF())
                  delete m_pRs;
                  m_pRs = NULL;
            // do something with record

I hope, you got the idea.

A further possibility would be to do the whole job in a thread.
I can give you the details if you want them.

Regards, Alex

Author Comment

ID: 9863639
The problem is not with FillGrid, even with the line commented out it still take 20 seconds.

Please note: The sql "select * from tblLeaders" is only to show the problem.

Any better solutions than using a worker thread?


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