Colour Monitor Has Become More Colourful

I have got a monitor which used to work fine few days before it turned out to be more colourful. that is it now shows some green colour to right corner orange to other corner etc. the colours are like big xpots. I am sure that it is not a software or video card problem because i tried the monitor on an external tv kit which doesnt' any cpu, hdd, or any thingj just the tv kit and there also it shows big spots. I think this much info is enough to answer this question. But can ask more, I dont know the model but a ZenithPC logo is on the monitor and inside the monitor there is JVC shown on some part and CHUNGWA is shown on the tube. Waiting for reply please help.
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Electron beam misalignment due to magnetic fields or beam control circuits out of order. Try degaussing the tube (often a button, or a menu choice in the monitor's setup system). If still no better, look for things that can generate a magnetic field in the vicinity of the monitor and remove these. If no such devices present, monitor is probably going out.
Have you moved the monitor recently ? The simplest solution for this problem is to let the monitor "rest" (unplug it from AC) for 2-3 hours and than start it. It should auto degauss itself and look like new again. If you see now sign of "healing" you should get it toa repair centre, maybe your degauss circuitry is defective.
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Check if you have speakers or anything close to the monitor, try moving them away.

If all suggested things fail and you're handy, you can try opening up the monitor and check the alignments (WATCH OUT HIGH VOLTAGE!! I've warned you...) try adjusting the variable resistors (just look at the board to see what each resistor is for)

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sun13zenAuthor Commented:
Hey u people are real experts no doubt. You all imagined right about a magnetic device, Yes it was my speaker just beside the monitor, I have now kept the speaker away from my pc. But the problem still remains, One thing i want to mention here is by the time i was working on a faulty fdd, i used to start and shutdown the pc many a times just for safety, And when my repairing was completed i powered on the pc and at that time the monitor went colourful. THANK YOU.
I had the same problem, i fixed it by turning one of my speakers a little and the odd colors went away, i had to turn the back of the speaker away from the screen.
For CRT monitor of course, LCD monitor wont generate this kind of problem except dead pixels.
There is another solution, take your monitor to a local electrical or TV repair shop. Most of them have a magnetic-gun that they use to swirl it around the front of the sceen to recorrect misalign RGB pixels. Good luck.
Your only hope at this point is to degauss the monitor, because it seems to have picked up the magnetism from your speaker.  This is the reason some speakers are designed for use next to your monitor: they are magnetically shielded (there is a second magnet inside which cancels out the field of the first).  Degaussing requires moving a strong magnetic field in a circular pattern close to the screen and gradually moving away.  Since your monitor is already affected, you can probably do this yourself and keep trying until you get it eliminated.  Or ask someone who knows to do it for you.
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