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I'm about to develop a new site using Dreamweaver MX written in ASP.  One of my existing problems is that I would like my clients to be able to update pages when the desired change is simple wording etc.  Obviously I don't want the client messing around with the HTML or ASP coding though.

I know this is possible to achieve using Contribute, but before I recommend it to the client, I have a couple of queries;

1. How do you set the areas in an ASP page using DW, where Contribute can then be allowed to edit?

2. Also, I develop sites on my work machine and upload to a rented server.  If my client is in another country for example, surely the page will look odd when they download it as their machine won't execute the ASP to render the page properly?  Or does Contribute edit directly from the ASP server?

Thanks in advance.
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1. Unfortunately, you cannot do this. The text either has to be static, in which case you can change it with contribute, or it's provided by a server side script like ASP.

2. Look at #1 :-/

So unfortunately, Contribute is a static HTML tool and not what you're looking for.
More info on this from Macromedia:

If you already are using ASP and maybe a DB for your content, it might be a good idea to have some sort of CMS developed instead.

RouchieAuthor Commented:
That article has confused me even more!

My ASP pages would include;

 1. A header logo and menu which would be called using a server-side include (therefore I get same on every page)
 2. Main page content (standard HTML using a style sheet)
 3. A footer with copyright text (also using a server-side include as in pt 1)

My client would only therefore need to be able to change the text in point 2 - standard HTML, which the article you recommended seems to say is possible.

Would this therefore be possible??
Unfortunately no. Only static html pages can be modified. View in the browser your page looks like any other html document, but it is generated, put together, by you asp page, which calls the header, the main (html) section, and the footer.

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RouchieAuthor Commented:
How come then, the article mentions Contribute's use around SSI's?
Surely if it can't pick out HTML from server side code its not going to be much use with any modern-day sites, especially where header info (styles etc) is integrated by the use of SSI's?

Instead of Contribute then, perhaps Macromedia should release some sort of lazer that I can fire at my clients to make them constantly satisfied and never requiring changes...? :-)
>>How come then, the article mentions Contribute's use around SSI's?
The article specifically says you cannot use Contribute on a page with SSI.

>>Surely if it can't pick out HTML from server side code its not going to be much use with any modern-day sites, >>especially where header info (styles etc) is integrated by the use of SSI's?
Again like the Article points out, Contribute is not for every website.
"For sites requiring storage and access to large amounts of data, Contribute is probably not the best solution. Those sites are better served by a regular Content Management System (CMS) that the developer designs or purchases.

On the other end of the spectrum, sites that are essentially online brochures are also not likely to benefit from using Contribute. If the client has no need to add or update information on the site, then he or she will be better off simply letting you design the site and perform routine maintenance as needed.

Somewhere in between is the ideal candidate for Contribute. For example, a small business owner who wants to offer weekly specials, updated news items, or fresh content to drive visitors back to her site can make good use of Contribute for those purposes. As you meet with your clients, listen carefully to their requirements and determine if they can handle those kinds of periodic site additions on their own."

>>Instead of Contribute then, perhaps Macromedia should release some sort of lazer that I can fire at my clients to >>make them constantly satisfied and never requiring changes...? :-)
hehe now, that's is a better idea :-)

Let me know if I can be of further assistance!


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RouchieAuthor Commented:
That's great klykken, thanks for clarfying my question.

Macromedia Lazer it is then..... ;-)
Actually it works fine with my dynamic content but I'm using coldfusion. The only thing is when you go to edit the page you will see a coldfusion image block where the header and footer should be since they are in essence an include. So you will be able to modify the content. To modify the header or footer I just browse directly to the header file and edit it.
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