S.M.A.R.T. disabled

I run Windows XP Professional on a Dell laptop Inspiron 8200.
S.M.A.R.T. is disabled. I tried to enable it by going to the BIOS: NOTHING there. In order to enable SMART the Microsoft web site provides smartvsd.vxd files but not for Windows XP.
Also the file should be put in the directory iosubsys that unfortunately does NOT exists in Windows XP.
Any help welcome.
Daniel Bessis
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How do you know that smart is disabled ? Have you tried Sandra or other utility ?
Anyway SMART depends on BIOS so if you don't have an option to enable SMART in BIOS you have no chance of enableing SMART from Windows.
dbessisAuthor Commented:
I use an utility that is called HDD Health that is telling me that SMART is disabled. Until few days ago that utility was showing me the state of my Hard Drive. All of the sudden, it tells me that SMART is disabled. The utility requires the file smartvsd.vxd, unfortunately this file should have been erased accidentally. How do I restore it? And WHERE to find it for Windows XP?
Thank you for your help,
Daniel Bessis
What version of HDD Health do you have installed? I have 2.0.151 installed on XP but I do not have smartvsd.vxd anywhere except for the Win95/98/ME.
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dbessisAuthor Commented:
I have beta version 2.1 Buid 159.
Notice that when using "Active Smart " from the competitor ariolic, I get the SMART enable.
Unfortunately Active SMART is not free and costs $ 25, I am using the limited vesion that is free.
HDD Health is free but does not enable SMART. Few days ago HDD Health used to work properly. I have already sent two e-mails to HDD Health tech support but I never received any answer!
Thank you for your help,
This is only my oppinion from my view. SMART for HDD is not that practical to use (enable). It will take up quite an amount of system resources as it will scan the data area each time it is being access. It will also slows things down even though it is not noticeable. Any small problem on the HDD, the system will prompt for message "SMART has found problem/inconsistency with your hard drive.......blah bla bla...."

Backup your data regularly onto a CDRW or any backup media. Once the HDD starts to fail, there is no way for you to revive it. Faulty drive means a new drive, with or without SMART features.
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dbessisAuthor Commented:
This question has received no answer. In the mean time, I bought Active SMART for $ 25 and therefore the question has become obsolete.
Thank you fore your help,
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dbessisAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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Hi, i really do hope sum1 can help me sort this **!~!**? computer, sorry. Right here we go, when i turn the pc on it goes straight to the os choices screen. I can press f8 (safe mode etc) none of work or i can start win2000 or win xp pro. If i choose xp it boots up to xp screen whtch stays on for about 5 secs it then it switches its self off & reboots to do the same thing again. win 2000 win/system/config/win32 file is either missing or corrupt . I dont have any of the original disks for repair.
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