Border Property not responding to change

Inside a Frame is a TextBox which I want to change the border property.  When I change the property
TxtName.BorderStyle = 0  
it does not respond.  I assume something like the form, the frame, etc.
has to be refreshed?  No errors occur, but the border does not change.
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In Which event are u trying to call this?

Have you tried Refresh Method?

    Text1.BorderStyle = 0

Try setting BorderStyle property to 0 in property sheet (design view), and then in form_Load event set it back to 1.
Now it should work even without Refreshing.

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I've no problem

Put textbox inside the frame

Private Sub Command1_Click()
TxtName.BorderStyle = IIf(TxtName.BorderStyle = 0, 1, 0)
End Sub

The problem occurs if a textbox's appearence is flat, and if it's initial BorderStyle is None.
At least that's a condition under which it has happened to me.
It works in both cases

        If the textbox settings are not as dbrckovi expained, then there are 2 other possible reasons that the textbox would behave that way. (1)The textbox name you typed in code does not match the original name you gave to the textbox visually (properties window) or (2) you accidentally created an array of textboxes by typing a number 0 in the index property of the properties window for the textbox. Reason (2) would change the textbox name from 'TxtName' to 'TxtName(0)' (or whatever number you might have entered) and that would cause the textbox to stop responding.  Goodluck!
I just realized you said 'No errors occur'.  The reasons i gave would raise errors.  Unless you entered 'On Error Resume Next' in your code.  In that case the errors would go by unnoticed.
Create a new project and try

        If you were asking me to 'Create a new project and try', i did.  It created no errors when the 'On Error Resume Next' was put the Form_Load, subroutine, or a command button.  However, errors did get raised when i realized that i forgot my installation does not automatically insert 'Option Explicit' in a new project and decided to type it in.  The 'Option Explicit' detected that there was a typo and said 'variable not defined'.  Dastaub might have the system setup to not Require Variable Declaration.  No 'Option Explicit' combined with 'On Error Resume Next' would create no errors.  Dbrckovis' reason is most likely, but mine is still a possibility.
This example should show what happens.

Create 4 textboxes, and two command buttons

Set appearance of textbox3 and textbox4 to 0
Set BorderStyle of textbox2 and textbox4 to 0

Paste this code to command buttons:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Text1.BorderStyle = 1
    Text2.BorderStyle = 1
    Text3.BorderStyle = 1
    Text4.BorderStyle = 1
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
    Text1.BorderStyle = 0
    Text2.BorderStyle = 0
    Text3.BorderStyle = 0
    Text4.BorderStyle = 0
End Sub
Try clicking buttons.

Everything works fine except textbox3.

When textbox3.BorderStyle is 0 then it has black line around, and when it is set to 1 it gets a thicker black line.

I think this is a bug, and maybe it is fixed in some service pack.     My version of Visual Basic is 8176,    VBA: Retail 6.0.8169,    Forms3: 2.01
If you, EDDYKT, MatrixFreak, don't experience the same problem, and have new versions, then it's most likely a bug.    ( BTW I have never installed any servece pack )
dastaubAuthor Commented:
the problem appeared to dissappear when the property is set at design time to no border, then at run time I was able
to turn the borders off and on without any problem, as long as the borders are set to "0" at design time.
thank you.
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