Cisco 6509 vlan

Hello guys,
well a very simple question.
I have received a cisco 6509 and I don't have any kind of experince with this products.
What's the best way and how to create a vlan?
The are two modules that controls the router... where i need to create my vlan ?

the command is (if is correct): set vlan nn

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You configure the VLAN on the supervisor engine.

Define the VLAN as such: set vlan <VLAN Number> name <name>
Configure the VLAN as such: set vlan <VLAN Number> <Module>/<Start Port>-<End Port>

Variables in "<Variables>" are those that you fill with what you need.
picchio76Author Commented:
on the other engine the vlan will be replicated or not ?
The above is for the switch. Configuring the switch itself is done by consoling to the supervisor module & is the first prompt you get when you hit enter. You have to be in enable mode to effect & save your changes.

The console port is labeled "Console" on the supp engine. Use the supplied serial cable to connect one end to the switch & the other end, you connect to the rj-45 (looks like one anyway) to db-9 converter. Then you plug in the db-9 side to your COM port on your laptop/PC.

You can use Hyperterminal to interface with the command line. Set it up with the following settings:

Bits per second: 9600
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1

Hit enter & you should see some text.

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To configure the vlan on the router, you have to trunk your ports on the switch so that the VLANs will go through to the router. From the switch console, you type:

set trunk <Module>/<Port Number> auto dot1q <Start VLAN Number>-<End VLAN Number>

To console to your router:

1) Do a "show mod" to see which slot your router daughter card is on
2) Type "session <slot number of router>" to connect to your router
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Btw, do you have a MSFC card ? Or are you routing through an external router ?
I assume the 2 modules you mentioned that "controls" the router are the supervisor engine & the MSFC. If that's the case, you don't need to use VLAN trunking.

Configure the router as such

Router(config)# ip routing
Router(config)# router rip
Router(config-router)# network
Router(config-router)# interface vlan <VLAN Number>   --> same was what you configured previously on the switch
Router(config-if)# description <Description>
Router(config-if)# ip address <Interface IP Address> <Subnet Mask>
Router(config-if)# ^Z

You can also type "switch console" from the switch prompt to console to the router.
If you do not have any other routers on the network, you do not need to enable ip routing, ie. the following commands are not needed:

Router(config)# ip routing
Router(config)# router rip
Router(config-router)# network

After everything works, do a "copy run start" on both the router & switch command line interface to save your configuration.

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picchio76Author Commented:
tnx a lot for your help.
Now I can start my test....

Thanks for the points. Good luck.
Link provided by Mapledrums is no longer valid. Cisco site responds with "The Page You Have Requested Is Not Available".
This link will provide the information required to answer questions regarding VLAN configuration on Cisco IOS devices. 
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