Format a CD with Nero SDK

I would like to format a CD

I'm writing a VB6 application that should automatically format a CD when I put a new CD in the burnerdevice. I would like to format the CD in UDF so I can use Explorer to look at the CD as a extra HD. I'm going to use Nero SDK. Is it possibly?
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Nero allows to use virtual drive only for CDRW disks.
For CDR you need to write disk in the program. Only when disk is written and closed it is available to Explorer as read-only media. If you want to write CD by such way, use NeroCOM product which is part of Nero SDK.

If you want to use virtual drive (look at the CD as a extra HD), you can use Nero Burning ROM for CD RW only, or Roxio Direct CD (works both for CDR and CDRW).
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
I'm giong to use the CD for backup. I'm having a another application that is writing to the CD, if the CD is formatted.
I have looked at NeroCOM product but I didn't understand if it's possible to format a CD-R. I have seen the example how to write a CD but I don't want to close the CD after I have written to it.
Generally, there are two ways to write to CD:

1) Wtiting to CD completely under program control. When all information is written, you can close disk. But later this disk may be continued by the same program. All time program writes to the disk, it is not available to other programs. Only when CD is closed, it is available through drive letter, but as read-only media.
This is a way most of CD Writer programs are working: Nero Burning ROM, Roxio CD Creator and others.

2) Creating of virtual drive, so that every program can write to CD using CopyFile. There are 3 products allowing this mode:
Nero - only for CDRW disks;
Roxio Direct CD. It has no program interface and disk may be fotmatted only outside of your program.
RSJ CD Writer - disk may be formatted using RSK SDK.

Windows XP has it's own built-in support of CD Burning, if you are interesting, I can give you a link to VB component which allows to use this feature.
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mikael_luAuthor Commented:
I'm using W2000 then I have to use RSK SDK. Have you any experience of that product?
Here are some links:

Recording Software Forum

Nero SDK Forum

Nero SDK download
SDK is free, includes Nero COM, works if you have Nero Burning ROM installed on the computer.

RSJ CD Writer

I worked previously with Roxio. However, it doesn't contain programming interface and I decided to replace it with something else. I tried RSJ and Nero and currently I am using Nero. My recommendation is Nero, however, if you must create virtual CDR drive for some third-party tool, consider using Roxio or RSJ. Using Roxio you can create virtual drive, but not in the program. Using RSJ you can do this programmatically, see RSJ Visual Basic sample.
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
Hi AlexFM,
Thanks for all links.
I have installed RSJ CD Writer on my PC, but the program can't find my USB burnerdevice (Iomega), so I consider to use a CD-RW instead and use NeroCOM. I have been looking in the manual for NerCOM, but my knowledge is not good enough. Do you know how to format a CD-RW with NerCOM?
I don't know this since I use Nero SDK for C++ and don't use InCD. Try to ask in the Nero SDK Forum. Be patient if you don't get reply immidiately. There is some guy from Nero who answers to all unanswered questions in this forum, but this takes some time.
Notice that even if there is no such function in NeroCOM, you can still use InCD allowing to user to format the CD outside of your program.

By the way, previously I needed to decide what CD burning product to use in my program, and I think Nero is the best available product for CD burning.
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all help AlexFM,
I keep working with this problem and some day I will find a solution.
This is answer (unfortunately, negative) to your question:

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mikael_luAuthor Commented:
I can install XP instead and use it's own built-in support for CD-burning. I'm interested for the link you mention yesterday.
Is it possible to get it from you?
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all help AlexFM.
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