String Index out of range Error

Hi all

I have an error "String index out of range: -4". What does this error mean??
The error seems to be in this line of code "String group = gstr[i].substring(3,endposition);"
There are 21 groups that must be added to Vector vsap, but on the 20th time in the loop, it displays that error.

Here is my code
  //get all grps in portal, return in string[]
gstr = igf.findGroups(igf.getSearchGroup(),0);

//sort the string
Arrays.sort(gstr, String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER);

if(gstr != null){
for(int i=0; i<gstr.length; i++){
response.write("<script>alert(\"i :"+i+"\")</script>");
endposition = gstr[i].indexOf(',');
String group = gstr[i].substring(3,endposition);

//if group starts with sapportal groups , add it to vector
}//if gstr != null
response.write("<script>alert(\"String [] grps is null\")</script>");
}//end try
catch(Exception e){

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You must check it's not out of range.

if (endposition < 0)
This may fix it:

if (endposition < 0)
    endposition = gstr[i].length();

>>if(gstr != null)

is redundant btw. You won't be able to sort a null array without an exception
ScarletBlueAuthor Commented:
I have my code in a function that returns a vector..
i have inserted the code you have suggested in the for loop after the if statement..
but it gives an error wanting it to return a vector....

what would i return?
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Well, the first suggestion was not a 'working' suggestion - just an illustration. My second suggestion is better.

endposition = gstr[i].indexOf(',');
if (endposition < 0)
    endposition = gstr[i].length();


endposition = gstr[i].indexOf(',');
endposition = endposition < 0? gstr[i].length() : endposition;

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ScarletBlueAuthor Commented:
thank u cehj, it works!
have a lovely day
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