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Please Help!

I have a 9100c digisender.  I right clicked on the 'hpnsjtr.exe' link icon in the systray and instead of choosing 'disable receive' - I chose HIDE ICON.  Doh!  Now I cannot work out how to 'unhide' the icon - I've checked out the properties of the link, I've even tried reinstalling!!  I just cannot get to view this icon in my systray again.

I am sure it is something simple I am not doing but if anyone can tell me how to get this icon back - I would REALLY appreciate it!

Thanks, Smiffffy
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sure this program will have any property in its preferences......the only problem is u r not finsign it......:)

but u can try one more thing......uninstall the program......then delete it's folder present either in program files or windows......then goto START>RUN and type regedit , goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER>SOFTWARE, then look for the registry entry of this program.....delete its registry folder form the left pan.
do same with step for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE !!

BUT BE CAREFULL while deleting any registry entry........coz if by mistake u will delete any other registry.......u will not able to run the associated program normally!!
So just dlete the registry entry only if u r sure that this the right registry entry for this program.


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smiffffyAuthor Commented:
Dear SheharyaarSaahil

Thank you for your comment - however - I've now found the answer and it was even easier than I suspected!  

Instead of going for the obvious I was making it more complicated than it was!  The only place I hadn't tried was to go directly to the 'HP digisender link' program listed in 'Control Panel'.  

If you right click and select OPEN.  Then go to Settings tab and re-check the 'show icon on taskbar' box, the link re-appears on the taskbar!  Thank goodness.

But thanks for the reply anyway.
Cheers, Smiffffy
I don't know what SheharyaarSaahil is talking about at all...
all you have to do is add a string value to your registry to make any application run when booted

add new string value
type a name any name will do
press enter
now double click on the new string and enter the path for the file you would like started.
Note: The Icon will only show up in the system tray if the EXE was built with the -
for more information on VISUAL BASICS do a search on GOOGLE for

visual basics beginner or advanced

but it will still launch when booted...
try it! , modify it!, love it!

have fun,
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this tool is very handy as well
download it!  it's free!  and extremely handy!

Sorry no offense SheharyaarSaahil
I didn't mean that  to come off as an attack on you. I just didn't know what you were getting at.

accept my appologies...


By the way if your issues have been resloved  or you feel we have helped you in any way..
award points or close this question

have a great holiday season!

smiffffyAuthor Commented:
Dear wtrmk74

Please don't take offence but try reading my comment that I wrote before you even posted your response................

Thanks, Smiffffy
None taken,
Close this post than! if it is resolved.

have a great holiday season
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