How to creating Web Server Application that can be deployed on .net support server with Delphi .Net (Studio 7)...

         I'm familiar with Delphi programming, client-server, multi-tire application. But to me , web server application programming with delphi studio 7 seems to me impossible. I've seen one big problems creating it with delphi, which is, deployment strategy. Since web server application created with delphi is a .dll file. Which can if I own web server myself. But to deploy it on internet, .dll can not be run on ISP since execute permission is not allowed. In contrast with Asp, which I'm familiar with too, it can be deployed by uploading it to server without any server configuration process. All I've said may not be what it seems. So I'm curious to know the solutions to problems mentions above, now comes the questions and specification of solutions I need.
          Show me the full project, or post the code to any site that I can download and test it before I accept that as answer. The project must be capable of doing tasks shown below.
          1. Contain at least 1 database (Microsoft Access Database) which contains
                     1.1   Table name "Sample"  contain 2 Fields  "UserId", "Name" in any size but string type.
                     1.2   Table contain at least 5 record of users,   from userid = 1 to 5 with name = "user 1" to "user 5"
          2. Project must be written in Delphi for .Net style and can be compile to whatever form that ready-to-deploy to web server.
          3. This project must be web server application that doing tasks shown below in difference respond page.
                     3.1   Contain at least 3 page, 1. main page to provide the user choice to sub page, 2. Page that display all user data in table, 3. Search page and result (may be in difference page as you may suggest) that can perform these tasks.
                     3.2   Can retrieve all data in table "Sample" and show it on client browser requested through this project
                     3.3   Can perform search for input userid (for example, input userid = 3) and show the user information in corresponding record.
                     3.4   Can update field "Name" of record found in 3.2 to any name I wish
          4. Project can run on any server that has .Net Framework SDK 1.1 installed without asking server administrator to perform any special tasks to help project run correctly.
          5. Provide instruction as necessary in order to test proposed project before I accept that as answer to my questions.
          6. Code must be created in Borland Delphi Studio 7.0 or can be run correctly by Borland Delphi Studio 7.0 since I have no previous version of delphi.
          I can easily do all task shown above in asp, but that doesn't matter to me since I believe delphi the powerful programming language and I can write these in Websnap (ISAPI  as options before create web can be selected) but with explicit server configuration to has permission to execute custom dll which is imposible to ask ISP administrator to do so. So please do not propose the Websnap code that has to configure server before it can run. I really want to know if delphi can be tools that I always dream of to create web server application. Like Java, which I now start learning by Jbuilder.

          I need this real bad, that's why I make this questions very expensive.  You guys, experts out there, please do me a favor.
          P.S. I also know that Borland provide Delphi .Net Preview compiler to be complier in order to compile delphi script language. DCCIL is the tools to do so to compile delphi code to IL. Such compile part will then be run using Common Language Runtime (CLR) of server with .Net Framework runtime or SDK installed. But still I don't know how to do it. Explain to me in project as necessary (pretend as if I know nothing of it) please. (I've read article at,1410,28972,00.html that describe and show example doing a certain task with DCCIL, so please don't suggest me read such article, all I need is real project with a necessary document to have it work)
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I have to disappoint you. ASP is more powerful than Delphi in this case. If performance is an issue then ASP (or PHP) is a better option. Delphi ISAPI DLL's ape very usable for all kinds of heavy calculations but ASP is just better when used to exchange data with a database server. Especially if you use ADO with Access or SQL Server.
I know this because I once did a performance test between Delphi and ASP. Both would look at the same database and both would return the same recordset. Delphi was about 20 times slower, if not more... The reason for this is simple. When IIS calls an ASP page, the page is first compiled in-memory before the compiled code is executed. Since ASP pages don't change that often, the server can keep that page in-memory for as long as required. Delphi also generates binary code that stays in-memory after the first call but Delphi has to deal with the additional runtime library and just seems to spend too much time initializing all kinds of stuff before it finally gets to work.
Delphi will do a good job in situations where you can afford to use fast hardware for only a low amount of users. It's great for simple Intranet development too and a good alternative for COM+. But in general ASP is better if you just want reasonable simple tasks to be executed.

Delphi 8 (Octane) might have a better performance though. But I did not have a chance to test it yet.

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DOOM_DAEMONAuthor Commented:
Well, Thanks to your comments but still I want to know how to accomplish task mention above with delphi. I aware of performance but I just curious to know if it can do a .Net technology since I've heard that delphi can perform a .Net technology in BorCon2002, a conference held by borland. Any experts out there can demonstrate me, please..
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iv wrote my own web server not as good as apache but .. runjs all my dlls and answers to requests
No points for me i didnt do anything :D thankyou
best regards
thankyou very much

# merry xmas n have a great new year !dont drink n drive! :P #

best regards mark
I 'll drink only! sure
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Oh, oops. Should check my mail more often for EE updates. :-)

Thanks, and merry Christmas, although a bit late now. Oh, well... Best wishes for the next year then! :-)
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