Making a visible form modal

Here is the scenario,
I have an application that has 2 main forms DATA and MAP. Both forms will always be open and visible. OK, in DATA when you click a button to input a new entity a modal form DATACHILD appears to facilitates input. An option is to select an element from MAP: I want to then use the MAP form that is already visible (because of MAP loading time I cannot fire it up anew every time). How do I get the MAP form to now act as a modal form for the DATACHILD form. Is this possible?
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What about enabling both MAP and DATACHILD forms simultaneously (i.e. MAP will not be modal over the child form but will be enabled).

Let MAP form is decalred in unit2. Then on your DATACHILD form (Form3 in the example below) you have a button that enables the MAP form this way:

uses unit2; // MAP form is declared there

procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  EnableWindow(MAP.Handle, True);

Note: MAP is the name of the MAP form.

Regards, Geo

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You could



or duplicate the functionality of the ShowModal function, which acts a a special filtering message loop, though that's nasty.

Will the first suggestion not do it?
davelaneAuthor Commented:
Did a bit of both: This function can be called from any form and makes the MAP form behave like a ModalForm. Any caveats to the following method?

function MAP.SelectFromMap: TModalResult;
  PrevActiveWindow: HWnd;
    Self.ButtonOK.Visible := true;
    Self.ButtonCancel.Visible := true;
    Self.Return := mrNone;

    // Enable myself and disable the form that called me
    PrevActiveWindow := GetActiveWindow;
    EnableWindow(Self.Handle, true);
    EnableWindow(PrevActiveWindow, false);
    SendMessage(Self.Handle, CM_ACTIVATE, 0, 0);
    until Self.Return <> mrNone;
    Result := Self.Return;

    // Disable myself and reenable that called me
    SendMessage(Self.Handle, CM_DEACTIVATE, 0, 0);
    EnableWindow(Self.Handle, false);
    EnableWindow(PrevActiveWindow, true);
    Self.OK.Visible := false;
    Self.Cancel.Visible := false;
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Things like timer events will still occur in either form.
davelaneAuthor Commented:
Yeah? But is that not also the case with ModalForms in general? If not then what have I done in the function above to cause this (presuming it is a bad thing).
Nope - Modal forms in general. Was just reminding you :-)

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