function problem

I need to overload the operator+ and create a function template that adds two values and returns their sum.  What am I missing?

#include <iostream.h>
#include <fstream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>

template <class T>
T addroutine(T x, T y)
      T result;
      result = x + y;
            cout<< "Result = "<<result<<endl;

class homeWork
      char classname[15];
    int minutes;
    char assignment;

      homeWork(char num[], int min, char code);
      void showCall();
      homeWork operator+(Assign assign)

Assign assign:operator+(Assign assign)
      Assign newassign;
      strcpy(newassign, "Assigment Summary");
      newassign.classname = classname + newassign.classname;

void main()
      int x = 60, y = 10;

      cout<< "Result = "<<result<<endl;
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template <class T>
T addroutine(T x, T y)
    T result;
    result = x + y;

    // cout<< "Result = "<<result<<endl;  this line never executes

void main()
    int x = 60, y = 10, result;
    result = addroutine<int>(x,y);

    cout<< "Result = "<<result<<endl;

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Have you tried compiling it?
What type is Assign? To overload operator+ I would suggest something like:
homeWork& operator+ (const homeWork& toadd);
(1) You need to define your class Assign
(2) The cout in your addRoutine will not show because it is out of scope; you have the return before it.
(3) You are missing a semicolon after homeWork operator+(Assign assign)
(4) You are not assigning the value returned from addroutine(x,y) to a variable.
(5) cout in main is attempting to display an undeclared variable result
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rediceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments. I will give them a try.

There are quite a few errors in your code.

First of all there is no class called 'Assign'. You have only one class 'homeWork'. So your function 'assign' (with a small 'a') should have declaration as:

homeWork operator+(homeWork assign)

In function definition it should be:

homeWork assign:operator+(homeWork assign)

Also your function is not correct. classname is an array of characters. It cannot be added directly as you have done.

It should be something like this:

homeWork assign:operator+(homeWork assign)
    homeWork newassign;
    strcpy(newassign.classname,classname);                       //Copy current classname to newassign.classname
    strcat(newassign.classname,assign.classname);           // Add the assign.classname at end of above classname

You will also have to create contructors for the class which will initialize values.

Also some sort of display function will be required to test the function you created.

Also in main you have to create two objects to test this function


homeWork a("First"),b("Second"),c;
c = a+b;

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