hide/show layer useing action script?

i would like to know how to hide or show a layer useing action script.

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flash layer or html layer?
first of all give your layer a name
for example your layers name is home
under your button event of keyframe
write down:


or to hide


inshort :

thank you
Hi frosty5656

in flash a layer is the levels above one another on the main time-line
you can't show and hide those.

what you can do though is put the content of one of these layers into a movieclip..
select what you want to show and hide and go..insert>convert to symbol
check movieclip and give it a name..say..wheel clip.. so you can easily find it in the library later

with the this clip still selected..open the properties panel and in the 'instance name' box give it a name..say..wheel1

on a button..

    _root.wheel._visible = false;

   _root._visible = true;

there you go..show/hide.. just like dhtml :)


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frosty5656Author Commented:
too bad layers can't be hidden :(
don't think layers..think movieclips..and they can be..
just reverse the code above to have the clip hide on the stage..and then show on rollover.


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