Any way to split the ADSL internet signal from USB to RJ45 or any other alternative

I have a broadband ADSL modem which needs to connect to the PC into the USB port to provide the internet signal to PC #1.   Since I have a PC #2 connected to PC #1 via RJ45 lan cards, I share the internet signal from PC #1 to PC #2.

The ADSL modem (Allied Telesyn AT-AR210) has only one output signal connector USB to the PC.   Is there any way possible to connect another device between the modem and the computers to split the USB internet signal and send it to each PC independently.   Currently, I need to power-up PC #1 to provide internet shared signal to PC #2.  What I want is to power-up PC #2 and have internet capability without powering-up PC #1 or vice-versa.

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Yes, certainly. It is called a broadband router. Linksys, D-link, Netgear. Any of them available for around $100. Just be careful to find one that will accept the USB modem connection..

It would be easier to get a new DSL modem with Ethernet interface instead of USB interface...
There are not many routers with usb WAN port. You would be better off just ot buy a modem router like the speedstream 5860, or a separate modem with an ethernet port and a cheap router.
cybergrizzlyAuthor Commented:
No luck so far.   Checked with D-Link and Linksys sales rep and they said they do not carry a router that would fit an USB DSL modem.  Netgear...same.  I will wait a couple days to see if someone else comes up with a better answer and decide how I will award the points.
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You should get a DSL router and forget about your USB DSL modem,
broadband router will be connected directly to your phone line (instead of the Modem).

The Router has a built-in DSL modem.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
cybergrizzly, i think there are some misunderstandings here. what you want is to share your CURRENT broadband ADSL modem by SPLITING the signal from the USB port, what the experts here suggested are to buy a DSL router that allows you connect more than one computers to it together.

what you want is an USB sharing switch box, like this:

personally, i would suggest you consider cost and usability. commonly, such switch boxes are for around $20-50, DSL routers for about $100, sounds the boxes cheaper. but for usablity, switch box is not a good choice, especially for more than 2 computers.

with such USB sharing switch box, all computers can not share the box directly, because it is a SWITCH, your DSL modem is dedicated for only one computer, other computers access the internet via the shared computer. if you have more than 2 computers work together, if have to buy a hub to connect all the network computers.

additionally, with the switch box, all computers should install drivers for the USB DSL modem; with DSL router, you dont need driver for each computer.

hope it helps,

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
sorry, "if have to buy..." should be "you have to buy..."
cybergrizzlyAuthor Commented:
Dear bbao:

If I understand your response correctly, what you say is that whichever computer that connects to the internet first using the USB switch box will be the host computer and the second computer to boot-up will be the client and will use the ethernet connection between the computers to connect to the internet.  Is this correct ?

What I really want is a DSL router with a USB input connection to which two or three computers will connect using a RJ-45 ethernet connector.  In this way, I understand the internet signal is shared through the DSL router independenlty and I will still be able to connect or share files between computers.  The problem is that it appears that such a DSL router does not exist...weird ?

I do not want to change DSL modem since the one that I have is the one provided by the Internet Service Provider and I am afraid to buy a DSL router switch modem that may not be compatible with the current protocols from my ISP in my area.
Try calling your ISP and ask them if they can provide a non-USB modem..
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
yes. it is correct. in this scenario, the client compujter should change its default gateway to the host computer else the one acts as client still can not access the internet. both of them all should be ICS enabled, ready for to be a host.

hehe, i never heard such a DSL router with USB port available. ;)  lrmoore's last comment is a choice, but you still need a DSL router to work with it except the modem has built-in router features. else just get an USB switch box if you think two computers are enough for your case.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
i believe the following URL is helpful to you:

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cybergrizzlyAuthor Commented:
I have to admit that although I have not been able to pinpoint an exact DSL USB router, BBAO´s last answer fulfills the best answer posible and provides a web site that really illustrates exactly what I want and what could or should be done.  It even tells you that as of January 2002, the only company that manufactured a DSL USB router is Draytek with Model Vigor 2200USB DSL Router with built in 4-port Ethernet switch. It's available in the United States from Best Systems Direct.

I have not been able to research much on this company nor on its DSL USB routers, but the  Vigor 2200USB DSL Router (as of January 2002) only supported a few USB DSL modems such as:  the Alcatel Speed Touch, the ECI USB modem, and the Fujitsu FDX-310 USB modems.  Mine is an Allied Telesyn AT-AR210 USB modem.  Since the article was written almost 2-years ago, there may be an updated version of the Vigor router or even other companies that manufacturer a DSL USB router.

Of course the other alternative would be to buy a non-USB DSL modem, but again my ISP will not permit usage of different equipment since they already provide an non-USB DSL modem for a premium of additional $10.00 per month fee at the same DSL speed.  Meaning about $120.00 per year which may equate to the cost of a USB DSL router.  I have my doubts with the other USB switch box scenario because I use different operating systems (Win98SE, Win ME & Win XP); trying to have different OSes to recognize the DSL modem may be difficult (I even have problems trying to boot-up Win98 and Win XP in the same PC with the same DSL USB modem).

The thing is, BBAO´s last answer comes close to a reasonable-acceptable answer unless somebody comes up with something else.  I will leave the question open for 2 more days and if nothing comes up I will award the 250 points to BBAO.  
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