How to solve error A2004 ?

Hello all,
I got a problem when compile an asm file to 16-bit .obj. I used compiler ml.exe to do this work. Here is my command line:
ml /DIS_16 /c /W3 /Zi /nologo /Fo Disk16.obj Disk.asm
The error was:
error A2004: symbol type conflict
These error always occurred at lines where had "seg" directives in the 16-bit code section.
My .asm file is automatically created by the thunk compiler from a thunk script, so I think it had no problem. I wondered if the version of my compiler ml.exe caused this error. Please give me other suggestion(s) to solve this problem.
Thanks for your supporting.
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could you please post your .asm file, I think this file is small because it's created by the thunk compiler. Also, could you please post your Thunk Script?
navutAuthor Commented:
Here is my .asm file, which was generated by thunk compiler. I just copy the 16-bit code section, because it's ok when I compile with /DIS_32 option.

      page      ,132

;Thunk Compiler Version 1.8  May 11 1995 13:16:19
;File Compiled Wed Nov 26 10:21:07 2003

;Command Line: C:\WORKING\PROJECTS\FLATTH~1\THUNKS~1\THUNK.EXE -t thk -o disk.asm diskthnk.thk

      TITLE      $disk.asm


%out command line error: specify one of -DIS_16, -DIS_32

%out command line error: you can't specify both -DIS_16 and -DIS_32
;************************* START OF 32-BIT CODE *************************

;************************* COMMON PER-MODULE ROUTINES *************************
;************************ START OF THUNK BODIES************************

;************************* START OF 16-BIT CODE *************************

      .model LARGE,PASCAL


externDef CheckInt13Extension:far16
externDef ReadDisk:far16

FT_thkTargetTable label word
      dw      offset CheckInt13Extension
      dw         seg CheckInt13Extension ;-----error A2004 in this line------
      dw      offset ReadDisk
      dw         seg ReadDisk ;-----error A2004 in this line------


public thk_ThunkData16      ;This symbol must be exported.
thk_ThunkData16      dd      3130534ch      ;Protocol 'LS01'
      dd      09f8h      ;Checksum
      dw      offset FT_thkTargetTable
      dw      seg    FT_thkTargetTable ;-----error A2004 in this line------
      dd      0      ;First-time flag.


externDef ThunkConnect16:far16

public thk_ThunkConnect16
      pop      ax
      pop      dx
      push      seg    thk_ThunkData16 ;-----error A2004 in this line------
      push      offset thk_ThunkData16
      push      seg    thk_ThkData32 ;-----error A2004 in this line------
      push      offset thk_ThkData32
      push      cs
      push      dx
      push      ax
      jmp      ThunkConnect16 ;-----error A2004 in this line------
thk_ThkData32 label byte
      db      "thk_ThunkData32",0


Here is my thunk script
enablemapdirect3216 = true;

typedef int BOOL;
typedef unsigned char *LPBYTE;
typedef unsigned long DWORD;

BOOL ReadDisk(DWORD Drive, DWORD Cylinder, DWORD Head, DWORD Sector, DWORD NumSectors, LPBYTE Buffer, DWORD RelativeSector, BOOL Flag)
      Buffer = inout;

BOOL CheckInt13Extension(DWORD Drive)
Which version of MASM are you using?
I tested it with MASM and TASM ,and it looks every thing is OK.
Please try to use the ml.exe from you VC++ folder, x:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin\ml.exe
MASM version "Microsoft (R) Macro Assembler Version 6.15.8803",
TASM version "Turbo Assembler  Version 5.3  Copyright (c) 1988, 2000 Inprise Corporation"

Hope this can help you.

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navutAuthor Commented:
Dear BeyondWu,
Thank you very much. I found where the problem was. My MASM version 7 -- came with VS.Net -- caused these errors. I downloaded its version 6.15 and compiled it successfully. Again, thanks alot.
Best Regards.
Hi navut,

you are welcome, I'm really glad to can help you.

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