Sending email using indy components (or other if need be)

Hey guys, here's my problem.

I'm looking for a way to send an email from within my delphi app to a free web based email address ( but there are a few constraints on the solution:

1) It can't rely on any third party software such as MAPI Outlook etc.
2) It can't rely on using a DNS Server or external SMTP Server.

Basically I want the user to be able to enter message and click send and to have the message show up in my email without having to worry about anything else. I'm currently using Delphi 7 and Indy 9.0 if it is of any use.
A coded example would be of imeasurable use.

Thanks, Michael
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I've answered questions like this here at least 3 times.

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miket6000Author Commented:
Andrew, I know that's a valid point but whenever I've found similar questions and tried to view them I've been told i need to upgrade to Pro membership, something I'm not quite willing to do.
miket6000Author Commented:
TheLeader, when attempting to use the emailarchitect component I had the same problem that occured while trying to use the SMTPRelay example that came with Indy, that is the program sits there telling me that it is connecting and does nothing more untill an error occures. I have this problem regardless of the DNS server I try using, if you have any idea what the problem could be I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Thanks, Michael.
Most ISPs will not accept email from you if you don't go through an SMTP server of your provider. This is to prevent SPAM. If anyone can directly access any mailbox the SPAM rate would probably be a lot worse.

Regards Jacco
miket6000Author Commented:
So how is it that all those downloadable bulk emailers and spamers send email from home computers?
well, from along time ago, I was looking for spam programs, to stop them using AI methods,anyway I saw a program that sends spams to any internet users, by send many emails to a specific server( they give you the ip of the server only), and the server will do the work send the spams to us(the victims).
the point here, the program was free to download, but the servers ips was not.
because you can't send the email using other SMTP without permission

hope it helped...
miket6000Author Commented:
So basically I'm trying to attempt the impossiable, wanting to do it for free?
no i don't think its impossible, but that what i found.
maybe theres a solution.

one thing more, I tried to send a spam using ASP (web Dev),it worked perfectly, and I made it in loop for a seconds.
I get in my mail box 2000 emails, my email was in that time (2 year ago)
the smtp was my local server (windows 2000 pro)
but in delphi actually i didn't try that.

hope it helped ...

  Check this :

  There is answer by non_zero. his post is unit that sends mail via telnet. It telnets to port 25 of the mail server and send commands there. So you don't need to have SMTP server. Enjoy ....
Ivanov G: Telneting to port 25 *IS* using SMTP server.


You're saying you can not use external SMTP server. But surely you have access to SOME smtp server - how else is the user sending out their normal e-mails? Is your problem trying to find out what their ISPs smtp server is?

    It is connecting directly to the mail server and send the mail via the commands there. Try it - it works...
I know it does. Used it several times in the olden mainframe days ;-)

What I said was - SMTP server is nothing but listener on port 25. So telneting to port 25 is using smtp server. How you connect to that port (client) is up to you, but the listener on the other side is a server (=smtp server).

If you can telnet to ip address on port 25 you can use that ip address in any smtp component to send messages.
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