mails with the same domain address not going out

         Hi all,

             we are having win2kSBS as our Exchange server and our pop3 server is Our mail addresses will be in the form of
                    In the default policy of Recipient policies , I have set the SMTP address as

            Now Problem is some of our employees work outside our office. They will check the mails directly from internet by going to . They don't use any exchange server . When we send mails to our employees (who will work outside) from our outlook , they are not recieving mails . From others they are receiving mails at the same address ( ). Only from our outlook mail are not going to them.There may be a option of routing in exchange2000 . But i am not ble to see that option any where.

                           Please give me sol.
         Thanking you,

Anand Chinthala
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anandeie2001Author Commented:
Hi vahik,

         I had done whatever is there at the above link . But still it is not working .

              Part of the solution i am pasting here .

        In square brackets [ ] , Which IP address i have to give . I have given Gateway address . Is it OK ?

          Part of solution which was there at the above given URL

          1.      Create an SMTP connector that forwards all messages to the foreign messaging system. To do this, follow these steps:
1.      In Exchange System Manager, expand Administrative Groups, expand First Administrative Group, right-click Connectors, point to New, and then click SMTP Connector.
2.      In the Name box, type a descriptive name for this connector.
3.      Click Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts, and then type the IP address of the remote messaging system inside square brackets ([]). For example, type:

              Please help me ,
Ok first of all just make sure u ahve done this.
First u go to ur default recipient policy and add a local to it  like this
@domain.local then u go create a NEW recipient policy called exactlly what u are trying to send out(ur internet domain)
when u are done now u will be able to uncheck the box that says thai exchange is responsible for mail delivery to this doamin.Make sure to apply the policy to all users and rebuilt and update ur recipient policies.
Then restart ur exchange server and also make sure ur
is being assigned as primary smtp address to all users.Now without
creating any connector just go and send an email to one of ur outside users and see if it goes through.Just do this and then call back if u have any questions.U must make sure the box is unchecked for the policy that u are trying to get mail out.Call back i wont forget this one.
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Before i go make sure all the users have two smtp address in the users properties page under email address and is set as primary.
Oh also u create a NEW recipient policy dont add the new policy to ur default.
anandeie2001Author Commented:
in microsoft website they are saying @local and you are saying @domain.local . Which one i have to give . in square brackets [ ] , which address i have to give .
anandeie2001Author Commented:
Please help me fast .
anandeie2001Author Commented:

          Hi Vahik,

                Thank you very much . It's working fine .

anand chinthala
anandeie sorry i did not get back to u on time.I ususally answer on exchange side and sometimes  i lose track of all the comments i make.
Glad u got it to work for u.Thanks and good luck.
PS:I did not read ur second post carefully.U put in brackets the ip address of ur isp,s mail server.What this does tells ur exchange server
to ship all the mails to this address.
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