Print HTML documents from VB.NET Windows application


Can somebody pls. tell me how to print HTML documents from VB.NET Windows application WITHOUT GETTING PRINT DIALOG BOX .
I have two problems
One is how to read HTML document using VB.NET windows application i.e. if i want to read value from an Input Text box from an HTML document then how to read it
Secondly how to print html docs without getting print dialog box control, basically i'm using WebBrowser control to load and view but i want to know hot to read and print.
I tried with Window.Print in this but it always gives me Print dialog box.
Pls. Help

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1. Do something like this
    Dim doc As mshtml.HTMLDocument = WebBrowser.Document()
    Dim text As String = doc.all.text1.value

2. Use SHDocVW ExecWB command

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arvindb1Author Commented:
1. I tried like this
            Dim doc As New mshtml.HTMLDocument
            Dim textstr As String = doc.all.txtfirst.value

But gets the error-- couldnt find element (txtfirst is a textbox in my htm file)
Is this the way to load document without using Webbrowser, i need to load htmldocument to read without using webbrowser

2. I used it using WebBrowser only and gets this error--- trying to revoke a drop target that has not been registered.

arvindb1Author Commented:
I tried first one with WebBrowser also but it gives error Object Reference not set to an instance of an object at Dim textstr As String = doc.all.txtfirst.value

Second problem i got some solution like this
        End While

then i'm able to print without prompt.
but first problem still remains.
Thanks a lot
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arvindb1Author Commented:
Hi Testn

Now the problem in printing is that if i put this into loop and try to print many html documents then i'm able to print only one document and rest all prints gets abondoned, any  way to control this??

Second problem still remains, i'm not able to read values from html after loading.
Pls. help
arvindb1Author Commented:
Hi Testn

Points are all yours if you just help me in this.
I want to read a preformatted mail (you can even suggest what format shall i use), currently i'm thinking about HTML format which has got some fields filled up and i want to read this mail programmatically and fetch the values from different fields and enter into the database. I'll accept any possible solution which can solve this problem.

Actually the flow is -- i will send a formatted mail to users who will fill up the fields in the mail itself while replying and then i have to fetch those values from mail and update the database.
Pls. suggest, how to acheive this minimizing the possibility of errors.

Arvind Bansal

hmm.. A very cool idea to do things ! well anyway here's what i would suggest .

Write a custom XSL transform for transforming the body part of the HTML document into an appropriate XML document since you know that the HTML document is not going to be manipulated in the client side. IF the clients are just going to type in values and then send the mail back to you, this shouldn't be a problem. You XSL transform should take the body of the mail, take the body part or just a DIV tag which contains all the respective FORM elements say something like "Name", "Age" or something else and then apply the transform to get the XML back in another standard format.

Once you get the XML out, all you have to do is to write a SP which will take the XML as input and then use SQL XML functionality to put the details into appropriate tables. Or rather you could also load the XML into a dataset and then persist the same ... From here, the option of persisting mechanism is upto you !

Hope this helps.
You can add additional arguments in ExecWB to make the API wait until it finishes printing by passing the third argument


It should look like

            Dim missing As Object = Type.Missing
            Dim wait As Object = CShort(2);
About first problem.... I guess that you try to access the data right away. The DOM may not exist yet. You might need to wait until it finishes loading i.e. use NavigateComplete to detect that.
arvindb1Author Commented:
Hi testn
i tried that but it still prints one page only, anyway other part is OK.
Thanks for your help. I'm awarding you the points as i dont see any more comments coming out to solve this. Anyway thanks a lot.
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