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hi all,

it is possibly to force the app show hints on particular control (such as editbox)

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   All TControls have a showhint property and a hint property.
  You could set ShowHint property of your editbox to true and set the hint property.

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a simple example
you can make this in the object inspecter, Or in the code as button if you would like

Edit1.Hint := 'yuppi';
Edit1.ShowHint := True;

hope it helped.
lamtl354Author Commented:
fisrt, thx.
i would to know whether possible to force the hints of particular controls show up not show up only when i put my mouse over it..
thx & hope my questions is clear to understand
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ZhaawZSoftware DeveloperCommented:
I don't know how to force showing hint of a control, but you can use THintWindow and make your own hint ..
>>thx & hope my questions is clear to understand
no, it is not.
>>i would to know whether possible to force the hints of particular controls show up not show up only when i put my mouse over it..
AFAIK, that is what hints do.

sorry, let me post an example.
Create a new project. On the properties of the form, set Hint to some value (eg: "This is a hint"). Set ShowHint to True.
Create a mouse move event and place this code in the event.

  Pnt: TPoint;
  Application.ShowHint := True;
  Pnt := Mouse.CursorPos;

You'll notice that as the mouse moves, the hint window follows the cursor.
Application.ActivateHint is passed a Point structure that defines where the hint window should be displayed.

Hope this helps.
ZhaawZSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Robn, will this hint appear even if the cursor is not on object ? (if we will put custom point in Pnt)
I tried this some days ago .. The hint didn't appear..
this will activate the hint of the current control. If you want to show the hint outside of the form, you can't. However, you can set the hint of the control you want to display the hint on and activate it this way.
What is it you're trying to show a hint on?
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