Connecting to Oracle from .net compact framework on pocket PC

can we connect to oracle database from a pocket pc using .net compact framework, if so can you tell me how
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I would say that it is very unlikely since Oracle core client library in PC is kinda big (100MB++), it should not be able to fit in and I've never heard that before. However, you can use SOAP/WebServices to send the SQL statement/result instead.
Yes you can, building a .net remoting object on a server, or a XML Web Service

If you use a XML Web Service you could be able to make the class to access to your database and use that class to get the data from your Pocket PC. After this, the client (Pocket PC) can use those class from the server by creating a Proxy class and connecting by the internet.

Also, you can build a Com+ remoting object, it's just as the same as a XML Web Service, but it's throught a network and it's more flexible than a XML Web Service, and faster.

Hope it helps
shailendrapnAuthor Commented:
Hi Dranizz,

  Thanks a lot for the comment you have posted for my question. But what i was looking at was is there any other possible way to connect to oracle database without connecting through a webserver. I mean is there any way to connect directly without using a webserver to a remote machine.

Thanks testn also for replying kindly help me further
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