Text Size in Static Controls

How does one set the text size in a static control when using the TextOut method ? I have been using the following wm_ctlcolorstatic message and it works fine except for the text size.

         case WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC:
                         HDC hdcStatic ;
                         hdcStatic=GetDC(hwndSsel );
                         SetTextColor(hdcStatic, RGB(250,0,0));

           //      SetBkColor(hdcStatic,RGB(0,0,0));
        return (LONG)br_back;
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Use a font with the drawtext function.
Unless you need to change the font on-the-fly, it's easiest to simpley create the HFONT and send a  WM_SETFONT message to the STATIC control early on (e.g., in your WM_INITDIALOG handler.  

You can use CreatePointFont() to obtain the desired HFONT.

-- Dan
librazoneAuthor Commented:
Well I was using the WM_SETFONT before I decided to color the background of the static control and it worked ok.As soon as I started using the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC with the device context for the control the WM_SETFONT no longer worked.Does the WM_SETFONT message work when using the TextOut method.
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The problem is that you are drawing the text yourself (with the TextOut call).  

You should let the defualt handler draw the text and it will use the font that has been asigned to it.  All you need to do in you  WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC is setup the HDC.  By the way, the HDC is passed in as the wParam value.  So...

            HDC hdc= (HDC)wParam;
            SetTextColor( hdc, RGB(250,0,0));
            SetBkMode(    hdc,TRANSPARENT);
            return (LONG)br_back;
-- Dan

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librazoneAuthor Commented:
Yeah well the problem is that the text changes in these statics.If it didnt I would simply use a bitmap and draw that to the control as I have done for my other statics.The whole problem is with the text background color.If I use HFONT,WM_SETFONT,WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC and SetdlgItemInt the background color is ok but the text background color remains white.If I use TextOut everything is ok except I would like to increase the size of the text just a bit.Actually I could leave it as is because the readability is ok but I was wondering what that size is that TextOut is using.This has become an interesting little problem.
librazoneAuthor Commented:
OK I just got it to work.. the problem was with my creating separate device contexts for the statics.
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