New Nvidia Drivers cause hanging when win2k boots... why?


I guess I'll start by listing my specs:

Asus P4PE Motherboard Bios revision 1006
Pentium 4 2.4ghz Processor
1Gig DDR Ram.
PNY Verto Geforce 3 Ti200 graphics card. (AGP / 64MB video mem)
Windows 2000 (all updates installed/ directx 9.0b)

The problem I am having occurs when I install any of the newer Nvidia drivers higher than 44.03. Everytime I install these newer drivers, when i reboot, the computer flys through the post like normal... The black screen that says "starting windows 2000" with the gray progress bar executes normally, but then when it gets to the loading screen that is white with the small blue progress bar, the bar fills slowly and once it is completly full the computer hangs. If I leave it alone for about 8 minutes or so it eventually loads to where i can log in. Once I log in, the normal startup period wehre all my programs are loading is takes much longer than normal. once that is all done the computer runs fairly normally except if i click properties on my desktop and then click display properties > advanced it takes about 3 minuetes before the graphics card settings pop up. And the graphics card performs much more poorly in games than with the old drivers.
When i installed these new drivers I was carefull to uninstall the old drivers first, reboot, then install the new drivers.
I looked in my Bios for settings related to AGP and I found the appeture size which was set to 64mb. The only other setting i found is UC or USWC i don't know which this should be set to, or if it would make a difference.

If someone could help I would really appreciate it.
Jake Kerr
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first of all check for conflict in devices.

my computer->right click-> properties -> hardware-> device manager.
if there are correct them.

also common problem when doing nvidia driver install when u do not have the latest mother board driver and BIOS.

so uninstall all the nvidia drivers.
load the latest BIOS and motherboard driver.
install them.
then install the Nvidia's latest driver and see if it works.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
I checked for conflicts and there are none listed.
I have the newest BIOS/drivers for my Motherboard.
question is what is installed first. BIOS latest drivers or nvidia.

BIOS/motherboard and then nvidia drivers.
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

Boot up in safe mode and then do the BIOS update.

Boot to safe mode and disable all startup items except for regcheck, systray, explorer. Restart  and see if u could work out.

JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Ok i installed the new drivers again... same problem.
When i looked at the properties on the graphics card, on the resources tab, at the bottom it says "no conflicts"
But when i go into the computer management utility through administrative tools and click hardware resources> conflicts and sharing, it shows that NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200  and  Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller share irq 16 is this ok?
Rob StoneCommented:
Have you updated DX as well?

It might be something like the newer drivers will only work with DX9 or something like that.

Are the drivers specific for your card or just the general nvidia drivers?
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Yeah I've updated DX.
There are no drivers specific to my card. When i got to PNY and click on drivers it takes to the Nvidia driver download page.
have u installed sp4.
if yes then there was one more patch for problems in sp4. did u install that too.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
yeah i did I have autoupdate on so it always gets the patches... I even went to windows update manually to make sure I had everything :(

Thanks for trying everyone anymore ideas?
could u try disabling AGP Fast Write in BIOS. there were some problem with Nvidia chip when it is not disabled. may be your case  belong to that category.
also check your event log for any clue.
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
ok i'll check that
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
hmm nope... still didn't solve it... grr how frusterating!
Rob StoneCommented:
Use the detonator destroyer and then try the drivers again.  There may be old files that haven't been completely removed.

You can get it from (or it might be
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Has anyone tried detonator destroyer on windows 2000 because on the guru3d web site it says "Support for 2000 and XP coming!" I might just try it and see what happens :/
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Never mind detonator destroyer doesn't work on 2000 it says "Detonator Destroyer can not be run on this platform!" when i run it
I am running out of ideas, so u can try one thing i said before.

go to device manager.
check for audio related components.

go one by one to all of them and uninstall all the drivers related to audio and nvidia, even for your audio controllers also.
reboot the system.
run the reg clean to clear all the registry keys.

then fresh install all the nvida driver one more time.
and see what happens.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
did you mean video? It's a graphics card I'm having trouble with...
yes sorry i mean video.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Well shivsa, I tried what you said and i still can't get it to work. I guess I'll just have to give up and go with the old drivers.
did u also try this.
could u try disabling AGP Fast Write in BIOS. there were some problem with Nvidia chip when it is not disabled. may be your case  belong to that category.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
I don't see an AGP Fast Write option in my BIOS could it be called something else. My motherboard is The ASUS P4PE with bios rev. 1006
go to Display properites/settings/advanced/options/details
does it indicate what bus speed you are running at?

AGP Fast Write option should be there.
let me do the search.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
I don't have an Options or Details Tab in my advanced display settings. I have a Tab that says GeForce3 Ti 200 and on that tab it says Bus: AGP 4X
is that what you were asking for
yes, just wanted to confirm that bus speed is recognized.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
nope I hadn't seen that... seems like im not the only one having problems with the newer drivers eh?
also check this utility from nvidia,
see what it does about performence.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Yeah i looked at that utility but it doesn't support my graphics card/ motherboard
BTW i asked u before also, what is your chipset(it is nvidia/via). model number for motherboard.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
my graphics chip set:
Nvidia Ti 200
Pentium 4 2.4ghz
Asus P4Pe
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Maybe I should get a new graphics card...
If i did do you think it would be a bad idea to get another Nvidia...
Should I go with a Radeon instead??
Radeon ATI also has the same kind of problems. i would suggest wait for some more time to Nvidia to come and get some updates on these drivers.

otherwise u can just go back to your old known good configuration.
anyway these new updates does not add any more value anyway.

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JakerrzAuthor Commented:
The reason I wanted to update was because all the games I have say to always have the newest version of the graphics drivers for best performance. So I don't think the new drivers are completely pointless.
But thanks a lot for spending so much time trying to help me out :)
Have a good one!
these are for your readings.
may be after reading these links u might have some clue or hint.

First of all NVidia encourages all users to download specific vendor drivers and NOT It's own drivers
as Incompatibilities and/or unwanted situations may arise.
You can Either Roll-Back to a more stable release or
check some Important things...
Check bios and see If the aperture size is hlaf of your Installed Vga Memory
e.g. VGA RAM=64  ---> Aperture size=32
also enable fast writes (if option available)
and enable 4x AGP speed
then go to windows Uninstall Nvidia Detonator Drivers
and download another "loaded" set of drivers at
(Also the Omega Drivers have been recognized by ATI as the best modded drivers in the internet
For Speed, Quality and Stability)

Install these drivers with the option Performance enabled, and follow the on-screen guides.
JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Wow what a bunch of trouble for nothing... Here's what I found out when I emailed my card manufacturer PNY. This is a quote of the email they sent me:

The 44.03 is the highest you can go with this card. The older cards Ti
series cannot use the nView features that the newer drivers have - sorry

Thank you,
PNY Tech Support, U.S.A.
Hours of operation for Tech Support:
Mon. - Fri. (9:00am - 7:00pm) EST
US Support Phone: 800-234-4597
International Phone: 00 1 973 515 9700

Hopefully this will help any other poor souls with the same card as me :P
dear Jakerrz,
If you think and they think that YOUR card is OLD then mine is a RELIC!!
I own an AGP TNT2-ULTRA with 32MB's and I have NO problems running either NVidia's Detonator or OMEGA's Detonator Driver releases,
Please adjust your aperture size cause it's a serious performance penalty if it's left wrongly adjusted
and also
please be sure to check OMEGA you got nothing to loose....

JakerrzAuthor Commented:
Ok, Thanks sugardad for the reply... I thought maybe they didn't know what they were talking about. If nVidia says ti200 is suported by their drivers I'll trust them over PNY... But maybe PNY was just dumb and made their chip incompatible. I'll take your advice and try the OMEGA. And one more thing I have heard conflicting stories on the apature. Is the correct setting 1/2 of system ram. Or 1/2 of the video memory on my card?
My card is 64MB so i set the apature to 32 right??

Thanks, Jake
Dear Jake,
the correct amount to specify for AGP aperture size is the half of your video memory.
Video Ram |Aperture
256           |128
128           |64
64             |32
32             |16
16             |8

also be sure to:
enable fast writes (if motherboard bios has this option available)
set AGP speed to 4x from within bios
also a check all-over bios to make sure IF you have the option to give VGA-card a static IRQ, If you do have this option then turn this setting to enabled/on (if it isn't already).

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