Shared Printer Problems xp/2000

Ok guys heres one for ya....

2k pro machine with a parralel printer(shared) attached to it....Fine

a Xp machine on the same network can connect to the machine and print thru it using the shared printer. Great stuff!!!

PROBLEM IS that when you reboot the xp machine the printer cannot be used or can you see the properties on the printer. Its like it doesnt remember anything. (the printer looks ok) but there is a weird error next to it
PRINTER COULD NOT BE ACCESSED (or something like that) must be common but ive been all over the place and i cant find it anywhere


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Rob StoneCommented:
How do you do the workaround then?

Can you still access any other shares on that machine after rebooting? If so, try creating another printer share and see if that helps.
novenderAuthor Commented:
Stoner thanks for the reply... Not tried accessing a share (probably should) only using it for sharing printer.

Tried creating another shared printer, removed it and added it again etc etc etc on the client and the host. No joy

What else did i do, emm, you can ping the machine there is no prob there .

If I cant get it sorted then im gonn invest in a print server. its a weird one

thanks again


I would recommend Installing NetBEUI PROTOCOL on both of these machines it seems to do the best for the different platforms.
I did this on my home network with the same issues.
I run WIN2K and XP the printer is connected to WIN2K
I have a share folder set up on each
like $COMP1   and   $COMP2
if the computers are password protected you will have to log on to WORKGROUP when you try to access the share folder or print share.

However XP does not install this for you at install but it is on the OS disk.
#1) copy nbf.sys into the %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ directory
#2) copy netnbf.inf into the %SYSTEMROOT%\INF\ directory

go to your  (on both machines)
Network place properties
Network card properties
make sure checkmark is selected on both machines.
make sure your WORKGROUP is set up on both machines
create your shares
set up your print share again
your done!

One more thing.  XP kind of makes it difficult for WORKGROUP PTP networks.
I had to read many article myself before I got it figured out.
To make things easier
My Network Places
go to Tools
folder options
select classic view  (for now)
Click on
Entire Network
Microsoft Windows Network
Copy the Workgroup Icon to your Start Menu
now when you need to acces it is right there for you.

So anyway for what it's worth , that's how mine are set up because I didn't want to have to get a print server
and it doesn't bother me to have to log in anyway , I am all for security!


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novenderAuthor Commented:
I remember installing netbui on xp ages ago but cant remember why, I will try that,

Thanks for the detailed reply :-) Many thanks

Rob StoneCommented:
If the netbeiu doesn't work try adding the hosts ip address in the xp hosts file and the netbios name in the lmhosts file to see if that helps.

Are there any firewalls running?
novenderAuthor Commented:
no firewalls running, lmhost is a goos idea. Seems like alot of fuss for something that has worked for me 100 times in the past


Anything work out for you ?

how is it going ?
novenderAuthor Commented:
bought a print server, thanks for your help

well thanks for the points,
you must be feeling nice for the holidays.

sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted

thanks again
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