Excel XP: Calculation problems

Hi all
My company just upgraded from Office 2000 to Office XP and now the guys in the Finance dept. is going nuts !!
It seems that Excel XP is not calculating the workbook/sheets properly !!!!!
If the user hits F9 or Shift + F9 does not always calculate the cells !!! We have tried to change the calculation modes (Automatic, manual) but nothing helps.

When the problem occur the only way to calculate a cell is to enter the cell, hit F2 and then hit Enter.

Is this a known problem / bug ? Is there a fix ??

Any ideas is appreciated !!!


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Sorry to read of your problem.

Does the cell(s) in question contain a formula or a reference to a user-defined function?

Would it be possible to post the contains of (one of) the cell(s) that is causing your grief?



forsbomAuthor Commented:
There are no user defined formulas in the sheet.

It only happens to cells with formulas and it can be any formula in the cell(s)

Here is a portion of a post on Excel _L archives that might help I realize it's Excel 97 but it might work. I've run into this problem myself and quite honestly I've forgotten how I fixed it???

I have a similar problem with one of my workbooks, except it sometimes
happens to many cells.
The way I get it to calculate is to select the entire sheet then do an
Edit/Replace "=" with "="

> Have an intermittent calculation problem.  My process has two
> (or three)
> books and one addin running at one time, on XL97/NT
> Workstation.  Every
> so often, one of the workbooks developes a "sticky"
> calculation problem,
> which always has at least two characteristics.
> 1) Various values are gathered together on "control" sheets in named
> cells, and then those named cells are used as targets by
> other sheets to
> gather values for display and reports.  When the "sticky" calculation
> appears, some of those named cells contain the wrong values.
> Specifically, they contain values that WERE right but when their
> upstream precedent sources changed value, the control sheet values
> didn't update.  Then the errors propagate downstream.
> 2) At the same time, the word "calculation" appears in the
> status bar, a
> bit left of center.
> Pulling down Tools | Options and prowling around the "calculation"
> settings seems to have to effect.
> Closing the workbook and reopening it has no effect.
> Using the combination Ctrl-Shift-F9 on the cell has no effect.
> However, if I delete the formula in the "sticky" named cell (on the
> control sheet) and then type in the formula again from the
> keyboard, the
> problem goes away.  And the word "calculation" disappears from the
> status bar.  Until next time....
> I have not found a way to create the problem.  It just sort of appears
> when it wants to...
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Hi, have a try on this
Pulling down Tools | Options  in [View]|window
Select [Formulars]
See if you Formulars can be viewed as =A4+D5.....

If yes then,
save you workbook
Pulling down Tools | Options  in [View]|window
Untick  [Formulars]

See if you can get the right result


I don't have Excel-XP so cannot replicate your problem.  Can you tell us what options are available in the Tools>Options>Transition form?  While this has often applied to Lotus=>Excel transitions, your Excel-XP may have something to cover previous Excel versions.

In MS-Word, this is more comprehensive and often the first place to look to correct stange behaviours across versions.

Good luck.
forsbomAuthor Commented:
All the relevant options in Tools>Options>Transition is off.

I found out that a complete rebuild using Ctrl + Alt + F9 solves the problem which by the way is very similar to the problem described by ampapa .... but I still need a more permanent solution then using Ctrl + Alt + F9 each time the user suspects that the calculation is wrong ......

you could always try tools-options-calculation
and then select automatic.
hope this helps
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Hi, eddie!

Please read carefully.
The asker already stated in his original question:

>>We have tried to change the calculation modes (Automatic, manual) but nothing helps.


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Did anyone ever find a solution to this problem?

I have the exact same situation.
Reloading ofice 97 doesn't help.

Forcing calculation with a macro doesn't work.

There is no seting to correct.

Anybody figure this out?
I'm looking for a solution myself. I find that pasting the entiresheet as values into a new sheet fixes it but I'd like a better solution
P.S. I mean you can then enter formulas AFTER you do the paste values. Any formulas you paste over turn into their values. This issue seems to have something to do with formatting.
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