How to get the machine name who visits the file.php

well, i need to know how i must do to get the Machine Name from the visitor

for ex: my pc name is Icarus

the php will print "Icarus"
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$machine_name = gethostbyaddr($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]);

Hope this helps
paStiSSetAuthor Commented:
nope, it gets the host
Does it give the IP address?
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paStiSSetAuthor Commented:
i don't want the ip address, im askin for a scipt wich prints the machine name.
machine name means the PC name (lan pc name), ok?
Thats what I am saying... gethostbyaddr($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]); does just that. Unless ofcourse there is no hostname for the particular IP address. OK?
paStiSSetAuthor Commented:
so, obviously that's not what i want, thx
Do you mean to say that gethostbyaddr DOES NOT give you the machine name? Tell me that I'm a fool for using the function all this time in my scripts.
So much for trying to help people...
paStiSSetAuthor Commented:
it returns:

thats not what i want >:(
It depends on how your website is accessed by the remote client. If he/she accesses it over the internet (using then, you get the above name. If he/she accesses it using http://intranetname, then you get the actual machine name.

It all depends on how your server recognizes the remote machine.
and to add to the previous comment, i dont' think it's possible to get the machine name if the domain is the internet; it's a security feature (not of php, of the client). You could of course, get the ip of the machine and then do some crazy ping/lookup or something liket that, but if it's going through a router or a proxy i doubt that would work either.

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