Onclick Subform: Move data to a form..

I just finished from building a search for the db i'm currently working on.. but because of the huge number of colums, it's really hard for the user to move from one to another..

so I figured by using an onlick on the subform (which is the results) it will display the values of the clicked row to a for for easier editing?

I'm lost with no idea on how to do this.. Please adivce :S
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let me get this straight, you want to provide a list of fields in the mainform, that the user can select (with a checkbox i presume) to include them on the subform such that the user can edit only those fields that were selected in the mainform?

If thats a reasonable description of what youwant to accomplish you have a fair amount of coding to do. One large issue will be placing the controls on the subform in such a way that they are organized for the user, you cant simply put them all there and set the visible proprty if its checked because in the subform you will want them to line up reasonably. if you could do that you would just be doing it on the mainform, and what if they select them all?

have you considered a tab control for this? A tab control allows you to divide your data into coherent groups, each group on it's own page (tab) which becomes visible and editable when the user selects that tab.

Another method would be to "wizard" the form so that the user edits what he needs to and clciks next, at which oint he is presented with a new group of controls, until he reaches the last set.

let me know your thought on my comments.

moodzAuthor Commented:
        I really appreciate your feedback but this is not what I am looking for..
I was surfing around when i found this:


Which I embedded in my db.. Now.. for some reason when it came to "setting the form to the record found" it keeps giving me all kinds of errors.. There is something wrong with this section of the code:

    Dim SyncCriteria As String
    Dim f As Form, rs As Recordset
    'Define the from object and recordset object for the AutoCAD form
    Set f = Forms(Screen.ActiveForm.FormName)
    Set rs = f.RecordsetClone
    ' define the criteria used for the sync
    SyncCriteria = "[YourField]='" & Me![YourField] & "'"
    ' find the corresponding record in the Parts table
    rs.FindFirst SyncCriteria
    f.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark


Now.. heres what i need.. After the search result displayed in the subform, I want the user to click on one of the results (which is in normal table view in the subform), and On Click on the row.. move the data to a form.

hope this gives a better explination..

Waiting ur reply.............
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