IIS to serve JSP ?

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am not an IT guy but I need to setup a web application using IIS in my Win2K machine. I already have the web application written in Jsp and it is running fine in Tomcat.

I want to use IIS to host it instead. After reading the documentation in :
http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-4.1-doc/jk2/jk/iishowto.html, I am very puzzled. I hope someone could help me out step by step.

Here the first 2 questoins:
1) From the document, it said I need to play with worker file. But I didn't find any worker files in my tomcat directory. Should I create it my own and how am I going to link it to my application?

2) Let's say all the configuration has done, do I need to run Tomcat and IIS together to serve the webpages? My ultimate goal is to use only IIS without starting Tomcat.

Please help. I promise points.
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For part 2, you can't serve JSPs/Servlets from IIS without a servlet container (eg. Tomcat) of some sort.

I'll have a look at part 1 now, but I don't use MS products, so it may take a little time and guesswork ;-)
From the document you posted the link for, did you follow the link into the "Workers HowTo" document?


This explains about Tomcat Workers and how to set them up.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Heres an example workers2.properties that redirects all jsp requests to tomcat:

# change this to your own location

# Example socket channel, override port and host.

# define the worker

# Uri mapping - redirect all .jsp files to Tomcat server

# define the worker

# Uri mapping - use http://localhost/jkstatus to view redirector status

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i_am_diablo2000Author Commented:
Thank you all the wonderful responses. As I promised, I will give you the points.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
i_am_diablo2000Author Commented:
Sorry jimmack, I don't know how to split the points. Your comments are very useful, too. I have yet to solve the problem. Stay tuned for my next question.
i_am_diablo2000Author Commented:
Hello Objects and jimmack,

I have raised a new question at

The problem is still not solved. Please help.
I've had a look at your other question and you've moved into an area that I can't help with ;-)

For info, there should be a button to split points at the bottom of the question.  When you select this, you can specify how many of the points go to each expert.

Don't worry about no splitting the points.  I'm OK with the fact that you've recognised that my comments were useful ;-)
>> Don't worry about no splitting the points

should be:

Don't worry about not splitting the points

Well the solution is here...

http://jspisapi.neurospeech.com , we had similar problem and trying to find solution but too complex method of tomcat's documentation lead us to develop our own solution called JspISAPI. The details of installation is given in the website.

It has features:
1) eliminate 8080 port from urls
2) redunce load on tomcat as images and other resources are handled by IIS
3) support http keep alive for jsp and servlets
4) easy setup for SSL by IIS, no hassle for setting up SSL for tomcat

- Akash Kava

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