Passing string path from installation program to exe application


Ok. Here is the question:
I want to send a path of an old ini file from my installation program to my exe application.
How can I do that?

One way is to write the path to windows register or to text files that my exe application can pick up. But I do not want to this.

Are there other ways? With ShellExecute and parameter passing maybe?

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Is this for a one-off at install time? Just call the application and pass as a commad-line parameter, then check for that in the Delphi app via CommandString() or CmdString or whatever it's called (!)
Not a bad idea but be sure you use ExtractShortPathName() to pass that parameter because sometimes Windows thinks that in f.e. "C:\Program Files\Application" is the "C:\Program" first and "Files\Application" second parameter so you will get an error message with "File Does Not Exist".

michaenhAuthor Commented:

>Is this for a one-off at install time?

Yes it is.. I have know just call the application and pass as a commad-line parameter..
How do I call it in Delphi app via CommandString() or CmdString?

Many thanks

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Use the installer to call your application, passing the ini file path as a parameter.

Then, inside Delphi, in something like the OnFormShow event of the main form, use ParamCount to see whether there are any command-line parameters, and ParamStr to fetch them. Then you can look for the ini file supplied etc.

(Sorry it's not CommandString() - ParamCount and ParamStr are what you need. That'll teach me for not looking it up. They're in the help)

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michaenhAuthor Commented:
Thanks! :)

Thats why you got me confused...  CommandString()/CmdString??.. smile.. :)

could run run application like that
filename /ini.file

and in your application you can access the file like that
// paramstr(1) = /ini.file
// so we need to remove the "/"
filename := copy(paramstr(1), 2, 255);
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