Dynamically Generating Music


I have a requirement to have some "sort of" music in a flash swf file,

Now the fun part: in total I have about 2k filesize to play with!

My suggested solution is to have 8 notes saved as midi (total about 1k)
These are played through javascript in the web page, called from the flash file,
the flash will need to generate an appropriate sequence to call the notes to sound like some sort of music.

*Ideally* the music would be able to speed up and slow down depending on other factors in the flash...

Obviously I can compromise on some of the factors with this ;-)
(number of notes, speed variations etc, but not on the filesize available!)


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why only 2k?
malcxAuthor Commented:
The whole app I'm writting has to fit in 5k (www.the5k.org) and I want 3k for pretty graphics - woo!
malcxAuthor Commented:
delete then please!
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Before you delete it, think about this...

Rather than store 8 note samples (of which only 1 can be played at any time in most embedded java implementations), store 5 chord samples arranged as per the pentatonic scale (type "pentatonic scale" into google if you've got no idea what I'm on about.)

Then, store several progression patterns as embedded arrays

byte segment_01[] = { 1,3,3,4,1,5,1 };
byte segment_02[] = { 3,1,5,5,1,3,2,2,2,2 };
byte segment_0x[] = { 1,1,1,1,3,3,3,1,2,3,1,2,3};

As I presume you are going to have a fixed event timer for performing your basic game loop - and if you put the "music" (loosely defined) at the start of the loop, you should get a reasonable consistent timeframe.

this would give you the ability to have "randomish" "music" that is guaranteed to sound at least half decent.

You don't need to use the pentatonic scale, but unless you have a music background whereby you understand the concepts of progression, major and minor scales etc etc, then it's a lot easier to use the pentatonic system.


your main loop could randomly pick a segment to play to completion

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malcxAuthor Commented:
Ok - dont delete then!

Thanks for that - I'll take a look at it (but it may be a while I'm off for a week starting tomorrow) But it certainly looks promising!
malcxAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the complete lack of response for ages on this - work unfortunatly has called me away from this for the time being - but the answer seems to make sense and looks like it'll work so here you are!


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