delphi connecting to mysql server (in internet mysql server) and giving query

how to create (please, give example)  delphi programm whitch can connect to mysql server in internet and do some query (select, input, update...) and take result
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It is *extremely* dangerous to expose your DB server on the
Internet. Please modify your working policy, otherwise you may get
yourself in HUGE troubles with hackers.

As to the question, the simplest and safest way I see to solve the
issue is to make a server app which will listen on a port and when
receives the SQL query executes it and then sends back the results.



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can you give me advice how create this application client->server with db safe ???
what db system I must use ???  what component ? (i prefer sql) , but i don't know about delphi data dase system...
mumuskaAuthor Commented:
why it is dangerous ???
i will use special login name and password which have restrikted access to mysql, to read some tables and input in others ? why it is not safe ???

Because hackers know *lots* of ways to exploit a site or a DB server, gaining root privileges and so on.


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