LTE 286 Problem

I know that it's a obsolete machine ,but it mine and it my favorite laptop.Now about the problem.When I turn it on it won't boot.It hard drive isn't working ,because it isn't set in BIOS.I could set it if I could boot with special set up disk.However  ,here is the problem :
When I turn it on it checks it memory and then it just starts beepeng unstopable.If I reset it and
don't have the "luck" to hear it beautiful symphony of mind breaking sounds I would read one message - Error 162(or something) System options not set.Please place the setup disk in the floppy. To continue press F1.And then it starts beeping again even with the floppy in the drive.And the last ,but most recently message Error (I forget the code) -Externall storage device failure - Press F1 to continue .And when I press  F1 it just reset and the horror starts again.Please help me!!

Thank you for future help!

Bozhidar Stefanov from Bulgaria
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
I'm guessing here.  Could it be the battery?  Not saving BIOS settings.
boby_dgAuthor Commented:
Yes, the BIOS has a missing battery ,but every time I solder it to the motherboard (the socket is missing also) ,when I turn it on the screen is in blue ,but the laptop is working internally!
sounds like there's more wrong there than the dead battery.
Are you sure you have a proper setup disk? ( )
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boby_dgAuthor Commented:
Yes ,maybe ,but when I bought it it worked without the battery ,and it was booting ,but I couldn't find the proper setup disk - it was saying wrong machine type even with the disk for LTE 286!It worked with dos ,dos games and a diskette with Win 286 or Win 386!First it worked fine for a week (I didn't had a proper AC adapter for it ,so I used one PC power unit on 5v through the battery ) and then the screen got blue!I soldered one battery on the motherboard ,but the screen didn't fix ,so I removed it.Before two days the screen fixed someway !And about the beeping - it just beeps one looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
(I am turning it off before the -oooong) time!Ore sometimes just two long and one short time prompting me to press F1 and when I do it it beeps one long and one endless time!
did you try the setup disk above?
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
I would suspect that the hard drive has gone.

Try removing that and see if you can boot off the floppy disk.  If you can and there's no more noise it's the hard disk.

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boby_dgAuthor Commented:
OK I'll remove the HDD.And for the setup disk - I told I can't try it ,because it can NOT boot.I will try it ,but for this tomorow.Here in Bulgaria now is 21:30 and it a bit late for disassembling a laptop ,so I am deciding to continue watching TV.For now so much.See you tomorow!
boby_dgAuthor Commented:
I removed it - it boots now!But there is still a problem - The screen became dark blue again but it selffix after a couple of days - I'm using my old XT monitor now -from my first computer orginall XT it's ugly but usefull.I'll try the diskette and see could I get in BIOS I'm verry thankfull for your help!
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