connect Lib with another Lib

I build socket library in VC++ and I need to link it with ws2_32.lib
How can I do that?
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ive written libs before but never had to link with another yet. it didn't work if you just included the other library from settings or using the #pragma statement??
>>How can I do that?

The question is: Why would you want to do that? 'ws2_32.lib' is just the import library for 'ws2_32.dll'

But, 'lib.exe' (the library manager can do that: To combine libraries, specify the library filenames. You can add objects and combine libraries with a single LIB command.


lib.exe mysock.lib ws2_32.lib /out:mysockws2_32.lib

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Exactly as you do this for exe project. Project - Settings - Link - Object/library modules. Type ws2_32.lib.
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amakalskiAuthor Commented:
The thing is I am writing socket wrapper sockwrap.lib library, that uses ws2_32.lib. Later it will  be used in EXE project. So I don't want people who will use my lib in EXE project to link with my lib AND IN ADDITION link with ws2_32.lib. Can't I just link my lib with ws2_32.lib, so whoever use my lib will be automatically linked with ws2_32.lib ?

If in LIB-type Project, I go to Project-Settings-Link Tab I don't see there Object/Library line (it's hidden). I know you right for EXE-type project it's there, but for LIB-type I just can't see it there.
>>Can't I just link my lib with ws2_32.lib

As a library usually is distributed a header file, I'd use PlanetCpp's suggestion of placing a

#pragma comment ( lib, "ws2_32.lib")

in it, which will take care of the problem.
Right. Actually client's project will be linked to ws2_32.lib, but client doesn't need to do anything for this.
BTW, combining your lib with ws2_32.lib like

lib.exe mysock.lib ws2_32.lib /out:mysockws2_32.lib

would still work, also. But, you'd have to add that as a post-build step manually.
amakalskiAuthor Commented:
I don't like #pragmas, so I will go with
ws2_32.lib /nologo /out:"lib\sockwrapD.lib"
And I don't need to add post-build step, I just set this manually in Project/Settings/Link Tab/'Project options' edit box
Since it's originated from jkr post, he will get the points
>>I don't like #pragmas
its just a directive for the compiler to add the link to that lib file (in this use of pragma)
using the project settings instead of pragma is a small difference but actually combining both library files rather then just using pragma is a big difference.
it's only one line of code do you have any reason for not using it?? other then not liking it..
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