how format data to the html format in the agent

i have a problem containing three part in which i resolve first part but not the second and third part as follwos
1)connect to the SQL Server and extratc data which i have completed.
2)format the extracted data in the html format (how this will happened b/c i am using the agents Lotus Script)
3)send this formatted attachment to the mail server of hotmail and when the user open the attached document so he can view easily while at that side no Lotus client install )
last two part i can't resolve please help me b/c due to this my project has been stuck please let me know how can i solve my problem.

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Hi kamal_sadia,

In R6, this merely requires a setting on the server.

In R5, you need a bit of code available on OpenNTF, I'll go fetch it...

Best regards,

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I really only addresses point 3, so that still leaves point 2.

In R6, construction an HTML e-Mail is very easy.  You design a form to look more or less like you want the HTML e-Mail to look, put in fields where you want to plug in the HTML values, and then just send the form STORING FORM IN DOCUMENT -- Call doc.Send(True).  The Domino SMTP server will automatically convert the rich text document into HTML when sending, and it converts the stored form as part of that process.  I've done this, looks pretty good.

Unfornately, R5 does not support turning "rich text" (which is what a form is) into HTML, at least as far as I know it does not.  So, you end up having to use the code I linked to for you, and you end up having to write all the HTML yourself, in LotusScript, as PRINT statements to a disk file.
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Kamal, can you please REWRITE your problem once again. Please describe it better. I wanted to post a cooment to this question earlier but I couldn't get the ground.

If you are running 6.x you may want to look into notesstream classes and mimeentities in the help files.  It's the only way I've found to send past the 32k limit that is described in the link above.  I've just completed a db that sends multiple tables wich I format and send coded in HTML to a vendor.  The files have tested capabilities of above 9 meg capacity, so you have less of a size limitation this way.

Just another option.
I'd be interested in seeing some of your code
Just email me.  The application I am refering to has some context sensitive data so I'll cut it down a bit, but you'll see where I was headed I think.  

Please include which version you run and your level of experience and I'll be happy to share!

> qwaletee
> Just email me.  The application I am refering to has some context sensitive
> data so I'll cut it down a bit, but you'll see where I was headed I think.

> Please include which version you run and your level of experience and I'll be happy to share!

> Yoshi

I don't have your e-Mail, it isn't in your profile -- but you can find my address in my profile here.

I'm running 6.01, and I'm a fairly accomplished Notes developer.

Could you please forward me the mail Yoshi sent you. As usual, my email is on my profile.

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