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After resarting in safe mode my desktop icons get muddled. Can I restore them within win2kpro or do i need other software?
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Yes you can

Log in per usual without safe mode and go to

Documents and settings\%username%\Desktop

There you will see your added desktop icons; make a copy of them in another folder and throw them in the root of C:\drive

Then log in under a new user; and copy and paste your desktop cons into the user you was refering to earlier.........I am assuming that there was no corruption wth the mail profile

Try doing system file checker

Start --> run --> sfc /scannow

a) Try doing inplace upgrade of windows 2000;en-us;292175

b) Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000;en-us;268106

what does muddled mean?
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Perhaps a third party program...Desktop Restore

>>what does muddled mean?<<
Slang for (mixed up, blurry, hard to make sense of, jumbled)
I am not helping you!

good luck

that was pretty rude , it was intended for the person who asked the question not you.

by the way that would be like somebody posting a question that said:

"my computer is messed up!.. help!"

there is a degree of definition that needs to happen........don't you think!
>>that was pretty rude , it was intended for the person who asked the question not you<<
In a thread...if a general question like that is asked it's not "rude" for
anyone to give an answer. Your asking for the meaning of a word and
that is simply a general question. Your reading way too much into any
post I made.

>>it was intended for the person who asked the question<<
Who's to know that? There are five people talking in this thread.

If your intension was not to disrespect or belittle than I stand corrected!
I realize the threads are an open forum and not everything gets conveyed properly.
I merely wanted a more clear understanding of the problems at hand.

No harm done :)  Sorry for the "rude" comment appologies!

sorry about that.

is there more you can tell !

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think that what this user is looking for is a way to keep all of the icons on the screen in its "normal" configuration after the machine reboots from safemode.  Am I right?  I'm going to answer the question by saying that the only way that I know how to do that is by not using explorer.exe as your shell.  I have used GeoShell for a long time with very few incidents and my layout does not change because safemode will not affect it. It's worth a look. You ought to be an advanced user before even considering this because it requires opening your mind to even knowing what a shell is.  GeoShell is a Replacement Shell For Windows. It is based around the idea of GeoShellPlugins, and GeoShellServices ... and has a bar-based skinnable User Interface file so remember to back up before you take a leap into the unknown.  here's a cool screenshot that I found
timaltmannAuthor Commented:
Sorry perhaps I should have been a bit more specific. What I mean is this. I have a lot of icons on my desktop arranged in a specific order. When I have to restart from safe mode these icons remain on the desktop but they are no longer in the order or arrangement that I spent a long time creating by draging them into place. As spiderfix suggests there is third party software that will record the layout and positions of icons and programs on the  desktop, and permits restoration of the layout (thanks for that spiderfix) but I am interested in knowing whether its possible to do this without additional software. If the only way of doing it is as TheVirtualOne describes than that is too much for me and I'll need to use the software.
Familiar with the registry editor?

You can drill down to
export that as desktop.reg and click on it when you want to return the desktop
This one is good too !

Win Tidy,4149,17748,00.asp

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