How are coding IDE's made?

How are those coding IDE's (like the Delphi IDE), where keywords, comments, etc... are made fat, automatically color coded, etc... made?
I want to make an IDE for a compiler which currently doesn't have a better IDE than notepad, but I'm not sure how to make the keywords become fat and blue, comments green, etc... How am I going to make that? Any tips?

Any freeware, opensource (in delphi), existing ones?
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hi :)
there is very good (i use it myself) opensource edit (memo) with keyword hilighter, code completion proposals etc.:
imnotaproAuthor Commented:
Ok, I will try it. I'll accept your answer if I like it :D!
imnotaproAuthor Commented:
Hmm, when I build that component set in my Delphi 7, then I get this error:
  [Fatal Error] SynEditReg.pas(43): File not found: 'SynEditStrConst.dcu'

How come?
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               RALib (not RXLib) has an editor component suitable for most programming languages. RALib is freeware with source. It also has a Delphi IDE clone called RADOctober.


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you should point search path of your dpk (or in environment  settings of Delphi) to the path of source folder of synedit i.e. %installpath%\Synedit\Source
imnotaproAuthor Commented:
mocarts: When I build it now after set the paths, then it gives me tons of errors saying "... not compatible with ..." errors. I have Delphi 7. Is the package compatible?

pr_wainwright: Downloading now, going to see how it works!
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