Empty favicon.ico ?

Hi Experts,

Before I make my own icon, can I upload an empty favicon.ico to the root of my website?
empty means:
an empty txt file who's extension is replaced with .ico, or
a icon without putting any color.
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Yes you can.

Not ideal as it confuses the user's browser a little (apparently - absolutely no performance issues that I've noticed) but it works to get rid of the 404 which I presume is what you wanted to do, but I've done it a couple of times with small (16X16) pictures saved as .ico to avoid the irritation.
I suppose you could, but what would be the point?
".ico" files have a specific format so if you upload a "txt" file that simply has a changed file extension (i.e. favicon.txt -> favicon.ico) nothing will appear.

As Timbo87 mentioned, "what is the point"?
What are you trying to achieve by doing this?

Good luck.
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Probably saw that his most 'popular' 404 error was being generated by browsers seeking a favicon.ico file.
There is no good reason for uploading an empty favicon.ico file to your directory. It is unnecessary. Wait until you have created your favicon.ico file, and then upload it. If you have any questions about creating one, feel free to ask.
I had problems finding a decent FREE favicon editor, but I this:


It's a free online editor, very basic but it works...
cant remeber any names, but use paint and then get an icon converter...www.download.com for one :D
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