Delphi Configuration

My Dev box just died and I had to re-install Delphi 5. When I did the reinstall the tools and environment option pallets/windows are truncated and you cant see anything. I was told once that there was a fix for this without having to re-install.

Anyone have a quick and easy answer..?

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quantum2Author Commented:
I need some code that will take a screen shot in the following manner.

1- I want my application window to be the size of the screen shot
2- when I move my window to any area of the desktop I want to to take a new screen shot of the desk top and display it on my form. (The Form Drag  shold trigger the new screen shot)
3- The screenshot should be the size of just my window and the desktop directly under my window only (not the entire desktop)
4- The screenshot area should be adjustable based on the size of the window of my application minus the title bar of my window. (If I re-size my window the screen shot area should increase).

I have pieces working, but cant get it all together. 300 pts for a clean working solution

delete the file <yourprojname>.dsk to get the default view.

Seems too big to just paste here but sounds like u need to write a component with subclassing. Handle the messages in HookWndProc (lots of examples about) and draw the desktop onto the form canvas in the paint message. Handle the hittest and any other messages there as well.


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quantum2Author Commented:
Accidently posted two questions into one question. If the fix for the environment works I will still award the 300
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quantum2Author Commented:
This isnt a project releated view thing. I just re-installed Delphi 5 fresh. When I did, I went to go configure my compiler options. When I selected Tools/Environment the window displayed, but you cant see anything as the window is too small. I cant see any of the options in the window so I cant configure my environment.

ANy suggestions before I re-re install..?

quantum2Author Commented:
I went in and deleted the basic *.DSK and that worked. For whatever reason, Delphi, when installed didnt load the right parameters. So this worked. You saved me a ton of time in having to re-install  Delphi...

Thanks for the help. This was originally a 50 pt question, but since I goofed and and added a second question to my original, I am sticking with the 300.

Thanks again

glad to have helped, since u may have reinstalled and found the view still corrupted
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