Convert Doc Into BMP

Hi Guys, Girls

I was wandering if anyone could help?, I have created a word document AND I want to convert this document into BMP Image ......

.Doc ------> .BMP

or into any type of image's

Please Help me!!!!

Aziz Habbib
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If you have defined a fax printer, choose it as the output printer then select "Print to file". You should get a pcx or dcx graphics file.

Alternatively, download a screen capture utility, display the document in a window and capture the document into a screen image, probably a BMP. For example you might try the evaluation version at
Aziz_xxx_HabbibAuthor Commented:
Delphi Codddddddding!!!!!!!
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As I mentioned in the above (Q_20811356):

See id: 16283 "Capture and enlarge an area of the Windows desktop" at 
Aziz_xxx_HabbibAuthor Commented:
Is there any method using OLE or any safed method???!
In Delphi 6 Enterprise there is a demo project ...\Delphi6\Demos\ActiveX\OleAuto\Word8/word8auto.dpr that uses an OLE interface to Word97. The demo program launches Word, creates a new document, inserts text, and closes Word. It also detects Word events like the creation within Word of a new document.

In the Servers component tab, there are several Word-related components, including TWordDocument. I don't have my full documentation with me at this location so I can't delve much deeper into this for you. In looking through the procedures, properties and functions defined for a TWordDocument, there's nothing obviously related to the document's canvas, which is where the bitmap would reside.

Perhaps someone else can dig a bit deeper for you.
Aziz_xxx_HabbibAuthor Commented:
Hi Mr.Odissey1

1. I want to export both method (first or multiple pages).....

2. I create *.doc using MS-Word but I want to export it to image using Delphi


I have some questions about your requirement:

1. Is word available on the target machine? I ask this because if your intention is just to make a word *.doc file readable by someone who does not have Word, the best alternative is to download a free Word Viewer from the Microsoft Office support site.

2. Is it sufficient to work with a file produced by word or must you interface directly with the Word application (e.g., via OLE)? If so, one alternative would be to save the document in RTF format, which is a published format (rather than the DOC format which is not)

3. Methods previously described here would allow you to write an OLE-enabled Delphi application that manages a word session (e.g., opens the documents and controls the document and its display) and to take a "screen-shot" of the displayed page or export it to a faxable file (e.g., in DCX (multi-page) or PCX format). Why is this not acceptable?

4. The Word Basic / Visual Basic object oriented OLE i(automation) interface to Word has a rich set of capabilities to access and manipulate objects within word, Unfortunately, I'm unable to find any of them that gives you access to the formatted "page more' display of the document. Are you attempting to get access to the Word document bitmap within word?

Sorry for the typo error -> "page more" should read "page mode"

The functions IExtractImage and IExtractImage2 can make a thumbnail of the Word document. This 'thumbnail' can be rather big (I can see it almost full-screen). The questions are: 1. If it possible to get high-resolution snapshots like 2000x3000 pixels? 2. They make for sure the first page of the document, is that possible to get other pages - second, third.. ? Sorry I have no time to explore this right now. But maybe some othe could show us how to force IExtractImage to work.


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bu nedir

I want to convert *.doc files to image using Delphi like Mr. Aziz_xxx_Habbib.
and i use the  Sergio_Hdez's solution and i get an error after "Ole.LoadFromFile(FileName);"  -out of memory-
if you know please help me.

I can convert a doc files first page. but how to convert other pages .
when i try to scroll page i get an error "interface not support".

If you know help me please.
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