VB.NET RTB Syntax highligting.

Any suggestion on syntax highlighting in vb.net utilizing a rtb?

Preferable read keywords, comments etc from a db or xml file, and do fairly quickly. The keywords and comments etc need to be in a db or xml or the like so the keyword list can grow and expand with different languages. I have gotten several ways to work ok, but they seem slow compared to simular things I have used. This would be more of a cut and paste, highlight, and possible a highlight while typing.

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Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
flosoftAuthor Commented:
Looked at them, I am more looking for a decent start to highlighting like the VB6 or VS.Net does with code syntax, keywords etc.

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flosoftAuthor Commented:
No source for how it is done and when pasting in a module's code it seems a bit slow, nice example. Might work and be nice if I could see the source code. guess I'll raise the points to 400.
the source is in the workspace. go back to here http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/codebox and following the link to source control. You might need to apply to join the workspace, thats fine.

It is slow cause there is a big and it colourizes too many times. I'm not happy which is why there is a workspace for it to get some other interested people involved in improving it.

The page where you'll be able to get the source code is here...



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flosoftAuthor Commented:
Got the code, I am playing with it a bit trying to implement it in a usercontrol so it can be dropped onto a form, rather than coding it in, once I get that done, I'll see what I can do on performance.

I am still looking a bit for a regex or faster way...wonder how vb and vs do it so fast?
it is in a user control? the project will compile into codebox.dll

Will you join the workspace and share your findings?

flosoftAuthor Commented:
If I make any significant changes, I will share them there and post them here, at the moment I am experimenting parsing with regular expressions and using an xml file to store the keywords which is a complete departure from codebox. It seems that perhaps the fastest way would be to write the raw rtf to file on the fly and then load it into a richtextbox, it makes a hard disk hit, but is real quick. Anyways, just a few idea's going on until maybe someone on here can post some code that already is fast at doing this.
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