MSSQL Database backup with Java

 I have got an option in my web site to take backup of a MSSQL database. How could I do that?
 My idea is : I need to execute some .bat file from java with database name as parameter and the bat file should login into MSSQL server and create backup and copy into specified folder.

 Is there any other way yo do this by using only JAVA?

 Please help me..

thanks a lot..
eve of Chris!
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if you don't mind to start to close your old questions:
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Using Runtime.exec() to run your batch sounds like the best solution.
lamdorAuthor Commented:
Hi kennethxu,

  I have not yet got expected answer from any experts thats why I have not closed..


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Just to avoid confusion here, your looking for help on creating the bat file right?
Why not just run the command "backup database <DBName>", try this in query analyser. You will have to have setup your database backup devices already.

Have a look at the following SQL Script

backup database EBO_Bourne_Leisure
      TO DISK = 'c:\DB1.BAK'
      NAME = 'My DB Backup'

I have not tried this(quite sure it will work though), but if your not happy with running this directly in your Java App then you can always create a bat file and execute the isql command. To find out more about isql, go into the command propmt and type "isql -?"
lamdorAuthor Commented:

 the problem is I am not using windows operating system for hosting the application. I am using Linux as webserver OS. In that I need to use pure java solution for the problem..can anybody tell me how can I?

lamdorAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

 Here I am not asking to create a bat file which does database backup operation. I am looking for a Pure Java solution where I can connect to DB and issue commands (SQL) from Java application to create backup for the database. Is there any way to achive the same..

 Thanks a lot for all experts..

with lluv
>> I am looking for a Pure Java solution where I can connect to DB and issue commands (SQL) from Java application to create backup for the database.

Then, the answer to your question is NO, you cannot.
Unless the database vendor provided you with such an interface or they are willing to share you with the detail of their native protocol and you are prepared to implement the protocol in java yourself.

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lamdorAuthor Commented:

 I think this can be achieved with JNI. the databases provide us C Interface from which we can take backups/restores. In that came my program has to call C program..I think..I am under testing this...I will reply soon again..

Thanks for comments kennethxu,davidnaude, objects..

>> C Interface from which we can take backups/restores.
I know there is C interface for DML, but interms of backup/restore. I would be interested to learn if it is documented in anywhere by M$.
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